Melanie Fiona – Watch Me Work

Living the ‘MF Life’ can be frenetic to a certain point where you’re “sick of ordinary days, you wanna scream and shout.”

In Melanie Fiona’s latest video collage, which includes empowering clips from hit films like “Kill Bill,” “Coffy,” “The Matrix” amongst others, the message is simple, “Time to break free from these chains.”

If you need an example of how to kick down a roadblock, let Melanie Fiona galvanize your spirit with her vocal chord bellowing: “I’m on a mission, wanna live my life today/I thought I told you, I’m taking over/Talk is cheap so it’s better if I showed you.”

“Watch Me Work” is a record from Melanie Fiona’s latest release ‘MF Life,” which also features the singles “Gone and Never Coming Back” and “4AM.”