[EXCLUSIVE] Melanie Fiona: Striking at the Perfect Time

I had the pleasure of speaking and chopping it up with the beautiful, intelligent and funny MF. She talked about what MF was and how life can sometimes be a MF. She was and always is real and ready to expose a different side of herself. Check it out!

Timing is EVERYTHING (MF)… Biggie already had 5:36 in the morning on lock. I couldn’t do 3:00 AM because Eminem had that and T-Pain did 5:00 AM. Now T-Pain and I did 6:00 AM together. LOL I guess because 4:00 AM was open.

A Career Without the Acknowledgement… I would still love music. There are so many people in this world that never get nominated that are phenomenal… so many people that never get heard. That doesn’t take away from how amazing they are, that just takes away from the rest of the world knowing how amazing they are. Music really is not about accolades, it is about affecting the world. It’s not the be all end all.

The Whitney Effect… When I heard about Whitney passing I was just leaving an event and I was devastated. My first song I ever sung and artist I ever listened to was Whitney. I was really saddened like I had lost someone I’ve known for my whole life and essentially I have known her my whole life despite the fact I never met her in person. It was awful!

Part of the Grammy Gang… It feels twice as good to win one. I am really excited and blessed for that honor and I can’t believe it happened. It’s really a dream come true. I just want to continue to grow, be inspired, gain more respect and win more Grammy’s.

That MF Life… The MF Life is all about what you want it to be about and it happens to be my initials. The inspiration came from life being really magnificence and then at times life being a MF. It just is the highs and lows of life. You can get a good laugh out of it because people’s minds always go to the crazier side of it.

Pet Peeve… Ignorance on any level! If it’s a guy I’m dating it makes me crazy or if it’s a fan on twitter that’s acting ignorant it’s going to drive me crazy. Just mean spirited people or things drive me crazy. I really feel like I have to stand up and say something. Anything else I let them do what they want to do… their karma is their karma. I have a hard time seeing people being blatantly mean and ignorant. I don’t like it and it really “urks” me! I’m not going to let it ruin my day but they will see another side of me.

MF’s Guy Type… I really don’t know because men really don’t approach me. I think I usually attract “backpackers,” guys that like conscious Hip Hop music. I’m kind of a backpacker at heart. Most of the time men do not approach me. I’ll let you know when they do approach.

Legacy… I want to leave a legacy as a great woman… a woman that put in good work and had a catalog of great songs. I want to leave a positive image as a respectable woman for years to come.

Inspiring The MF… I draw a lot inspiration from Lauryn Hill. Alicia Keys and Sade inspire me also. If you want to go back Sam Cook, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder are some other artists. Bob Marley is a huge inspiration of mine! I love anyone that lives their MF life to the fullest. First and foremost it’s about Bob Marley’s music. What he was able to do with his music. He broke so many barriers and brought so many people together. His “medicinal chooses” are accepted as well. LOL!

Dressed to Impress… I’m really an emotional person and an emotional dresser. I have versatility in watching and showing people my fashion. I never want to be put in one box of music genre or fashion. It’s just been that way, sometimes I like to wear something tight then I’ll wear something relaxed. It’s all about how I feel.

Artists To Watch… I really love Luke James. I think Elle Varner is great. I think she’s a sweet heart and she’s really talented.