Curt Chambers: The Musical Comedian

His father used to call him CC Rider. Some of his friends might call him a comedian. But the world knows him as a talented musician called Curt Chambers. His mastery of various instruments such as the drums & guitar, vocal talent, diverse taste of music and positive energy makes a recipe for a newcomer that is a force to be reckoned with. We had the pleasure of talking to him. Check it out!

First Tape … I think my first was bought by my sister. It might have bought me an old Jodeci or a Boyz II Men tape.

Acting Out A Dream … I just finished a mixtape entitled ‘One Way Ticket.’ Actually “One Way Ticket” is a metaphor for a person determined to go somewhere in their career or in their dreams. They plan on never coming back. They are not thinking about returning back to that place. However, it is also a metaphor for relationships. We might have our ups and downs and things we have to work out but I’m in this thing for the long haul. I’m in it to work these problems that relationships have out. I’m not looking at it in a different way, I’m looking at it for what we have and what we can be. It’s basically a metaphor for those two things.

White Lies … “I’m not ready yet …it’s not you it’s me.” That one is a classic. Every guy uses that because sometimes you got tell that to women as opposed to your not the one for me. You have to tell them that you’re not ready yet. So you can still be cool and they can still respect you. It is better than saying, “you’re great but not for me.” That doesn’t work either.

Relations Past & Present … When I look at my parents’ relationship and I look at the relationship that I’m in now, I think that the options that we have now a days add to so many of our problems. I don’t mean options in regards to women, I just mean options as far as technology … all of it changes the mental thought process.

Same Then and Now … They would describe me as the same way I am now. I’ve always been energetic and totally into inspiring and pushing people… trying to get the best results. I want to make myself and those around me the best they can be. I’m just a ball of energy and inspiration. The game didn’t change, I’m still the same.

Stage Love … I remember The Black Diamond Awards with Aretha Franklin, Gerald Levert, 112 and other artists. I was playing at these awards and I remember the first thing my mentor said to me was, “I know we rehearsed but something is going to go wrong but all you’re going to need to do is figure out how to recover from it, relax and finish the show.” I was all good. I was prepared and ready to play thinking nothing would go wrong. Low and behold we started playing and the click track went out in my ear so all I could remember was what my mentor said. That was the first performance were I was really really nervous but if he had not said that to me, I probably would have ran off the stage. Now, when I’m performing, I remember that. I know it’s all about how to deal with the hand that has been dealt to you.

Instrument Bond … It’s just a connection being able to pick up a musical instrument as a singer. Being able to pick up a musical instrument helps to create a great marriage and respect for music and it acts as a good counterpart to help you do the following: express yourself & find different tricks to your voice.

Greener Pastures … I think everything is a lesson. I usually take the good and bad from everything in relationships. I never have been in a situation that bad when I regret moving on.

Filling in their Shoes … I think everything comes full circle. I look at Michael’s death and I think a lot of people in due time will start to see people will fill in those voids for artists that have passed away.

—— By: Interview By DOC


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