Social Feedback: Fans Grade Mary J. Blige on American Idol

Mary J. Blige proved to be quite the mentor on American Idol this week. Following several stints on the show, one as a guest judge during the audition process, some say Blige should consider reality television — maybe The X Factor.

While Mary is well known as the Queen of Hip Hop/Soul, singing powerful songs that reach us both at highs and lows (“I Feel Good,” “Not Gon Cry”), she is actually quite good as a personality in the realm of music. With over twenty years in the business, the “My Life II: The Journey Continues, Act I” singer is well qualified. That fact was not overlooked by fans who watched the Queen dole out advice, critiques and a little tough love Wednesday night.

According to viewers, Blige should either be brought on as a mentor for the rest of the season or be considered for The X Factor.

“Can Mary J Blige sit side chair to Jimmy Iovine on a weekly basis?,” a viewer said Wednesday. “American Idol PAYTHEWOMAN make it happen.”

“Mary J. Blige coaching everyone tonight :) I think #AmericanIdol should have Mary as one of their judges :),” said another viewer.

While that may not happen, maybe Blige should be considered for one of The X Factor’s vacant seats…

“LA Reid Mary J. Blige is working it OUT on American Idol,” said a viewer. “I think that she needs to join you! Mary J. as the NEXT X-Factor Judge!”

“Hey, Simon Cowell. If ur looking for a new X-Factor judge (u know, one who’s also a gr8 singer) GET MARY J BLIGE ON THE PHONE, STAT,” said another viewer.

While it is unclear if Mary would even consider judging a show like X Factor, the idea is out there. Now it’s your turn. Should X Factor consider Mary J. Blige? Did she impress you as a mentor on American Idol?

Weigh in below…