Rico Love: 2012 Prediction, Love & Hip Hop, Brandy & Monica

Appearing on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop… It was crazy because Mona Scott reached out to me and said my name kept coming up in different conversations throughout the show and throughout different people who were on the cast and behind the scenes. So she reached out through Rich (Dollaz). He is my man and Rich was really coming to meet with me about working with Olivia and they wanted to document it. It was shocking to know Teairra (Mari) was in town cause they did not inform me she was there. It kind of all happen organically.

Future Realty TV projects… It is nothing I’m chasing. If the opportunity presents itself and makes sense, I would not be opposed to doing it. As long as I feel like it is true to who I am and as long as I get the opportunity to speak and people can get the true emotion of what I’m feeling.

Working with Monica & Brandy… It was amazing to be in the presence of two amazing vocalist and be able to write and produce a song for them. It is pressure and I like pressure. I thrive off pressure. This is the first song they sang together since “The Boy Is Mine” and they only performed “The Boy Is Mine” one time together. That was number one for thirteen weeks. To come behind that, I think is an honor and I was blessed to be able to be asked to be the guy to write and produce the song for it.

Boy Is Mine vs. New Duet… I definitely don’t want to compare it, I look to other people to do that. I just know it is a great song and I got amazing vocals out of both girls. I am sure people are going to love the song and the content of the record. It is very fly, very mature, very grown up.

Status On Teairra Mari’s Project… I am so excited about Teairra. I am about to go to radio with her single “You Did That.” I am scheduled to get back into the studio with her in two weeks and we are going to finish out the album.

I really believe in development stages, working songs, building the brand of the artist before you release an album. I’m definitely looking to release the album this summer.

Teairra Missing A Hit to Re-Launch Career… Watching her on that show (Love & Hip Hop) is an opportunity for people to see what I already see in her. To see her personality and see she is a character. She got things to say, she has opinions, she feels certain things. She is not just a robot; a chick singing songs. She definitely has all those components that creates stars. I am going to do everything in my power to let the world hear her voice.

Moving Division 1 from Universal… I am doing a new situation. When I went to Universal I did my deal with Doug Morris and Sylvia Rhone, shortly after I did my deal they both left. So I opted to leave and asked for a release. They gave me a release. A good thing was I never released any music on the label so it was not like I was in debt or any crazy thing. I asked for a clean slate and they gave me that opportunity. Now I am negotiating a new deal with a major [record label] right now.

Label Frustrations… It is [frustrating] but at the end of the day it is a part of being in this business and it is part of being a man. To deal with things that are not going to be easy. You just have to make rational decisions and act like an executive and boss. That is what I’m doing and making the best out of the situation. Nothing is a mistake, God knows what he is doing; he has his hands in my life so I just let him lead me.

Predictions for 2012... I think music is in an amazing place. Obviously I’m bias but I believe Usher is going to do extremely well. I love what Drake is doing, I love what Wale is doing. I love Rick Ross and the whole Maybach Music like Meek Mills, Stalley…

I believe Bad Boy is going to make a huge comeback. Not really a comeback because Puff (Diddy) never went nowhere. But as far as a record company, I feel like it is going to be a huge resurgence. I have been having talks with Puff and he is making some really solid decisions behind the scenes and rebuilding. Nobody does it how he does it. When he sets his mind on being successful nobody does it like him. He got some dope shit going on, I really believe they are going to emerge in 2012.

Brandy too. I am doing a bunch of Brandy’s songs and closing out Monica’s album right now. I am rooting for both of those girls.
—— By: Interview By G. Gentles


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