Desiree Jordan: Ahead of the Pack

Singersroom stumbled upon Desiree Jordan’s single “You and Me” in our stack of emails and it turned out to be a welcoming surprise. After featuring the record in our music section, the readers quickly migrated to the song giving it high praises; something Jordan did not foresee. The Washington D.C. native is a self described “alternative soul” singer/pianist, who gained experience as a gospel music director and most recently the band director for Anthony Q (formerly Que of Day26).

Whether its talking with Jordan or listening to her music, she infuses a vibrant positivity and honesty in everything she touches. Jordan is in the process of completing her forthcoming album, themed on the journey of love, scheduled for release next year.

Not Neo-Soul! Alternative-Soul… You think Alternative, you think borderline white rock, it is not quite that. I think my soul comes from me being as soulful as I am. However, I don’t have a sound that really is Neo-Soul, it’s not an Erykah Badu type feel. I put alternative in there because it is something different than your average neo-soul or soul artist.

I don’t want to be classified as much of anything, I just want to be whatever it is that comes out.

Connect with Que Mosley… A couple things; I am Que’s music director so whenever he has a show I am directing the band. I have been working with him through a partnership with my company Deso Entertainment, helping him to promote himself coming back out as a solo artist. Once he started his campaign on his most recent mixtape ‘Guitar Her,’ it came out last year, it was my company that [promoted] that with him.

Storyline Concept… I like to sing about love. I like to sing about all aspects of it, having it, not having the love, losing it, trying to maintain it.

At this point, it’s going to be a journey, it’s not just one continuous love song; “Oh my God I am love with you,” because that would be boring. It is going to be a journey that any and everybody, male or female, no matter what race can relate to as far as relationships.

Shocking Response From Singersroom Community… I was very very very shocked! Pleasantly surprised considering looking at the other numbers of all the really great talent and artists that are on the music featured page. It felt more like a blessing for people to have received the song so well. Everyday the number grows so it is really a positive thing.

Listen to “You and Me

I Love R&B… I have always loved R&B because it was real. It was something anybody could identify with no matter what race or part of the world you grew up in. I feel like everybody can get down with it. If you turn on a R&B song you lose yourself in it.

Getting Through the Bad Days… First would be God. Secondly, I have to stop and think about what I am doing. I make things better by thinking about the blessings I have had and think about being positive. I tell everybody to stay positive because more will come.

I don’t do very well sad. I don’t do very well on cloudy days but it’s just something you have to push through. To find the best in every situation is what keeps me going.

Gospel Career Route… I thought about going that route. That is a big commitment to be a Gospel artist.

Working in a Collaborative Space… I am an artist working at House Studios in D.C. A lot of the collaborations you hear on the project are from other artist that I have worked with at House [Studios] and other producers. I am not limited to or keeping myself strictly there.

Defining Love… Love is an action. Love is something you have to do, it’s not just something you feel.

Words to Live by… I think people should smile more. I love to smile; I love to see other people smile. It bothers me to see other people not smiling; it like personally affects me. I know it shouldn’t but it’s just something about the radiance of the smile that really gets people going.

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