Jessie J Talks Life Change After Stroke

British singer Jessie J recently spoke up about her past health-related issues, including suffering a stroke at the age of 18. Although the 23-year-old has had several health issues throughout her life, it was the stroke that made her realize that she needed to value life more.

“I think what happened to be with my health in the past – when I was younger I had a minor stroke – it made me realize that you can’t guarantee life every day,” she revealed in an interview to ContactMusic.

“However old you are, however much you love life, however happy you are, however healthy you are, it doesn’t matter, nothing’s guaranteed. And I think it made me want to take that risk to expose myself as me and not as a version of myself,” she added.

Earlier this year, Jessie also seriously injured her foot after falling from a stage during rehearsals. Though she is walking fine now, she can no longer wear heels in order to prevent further damage to her foot.