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Teen sensation Jacob Latimore is poised to join stardom much like some of his idols, with the ability to be a great all-around entertainer that can rock out on the mic and show off his dance moves. Only in the midst of his teenage years, Jacob has accomplished quite a lot for someone his age. He not only has a record deal, but he’s managed to make a household name for himself, which eventually led to him being a part of the nationwide tour – the 2011 Scream Tour – alongside Diggy Simmons, Mindless Behavior, and Hamilton Park.

Though Jacob is busy balancing life as a teenager while performing all over the country, he’s also juggling studio time to finish up his debut album, as well as working on his acting career. In a candid interview with Singersroom, Jacob spoke out about his current ventures, as well as his take on topics that most teenagers can relate to.

Singersroom: First off, I know the Scream Tour is getting ready for the holiday leg of dates, but how has it been thus far?

Jacob Latimore: Scream Tour’s been going great actually. My first major tour, and I’m just having fun with it.

Singersroom: What would you say you’ve learned the most from being on the tour?

Jacob Latimore: Just how hard you really have to work being on tour, and how much work you have to put into it. Overall, it’s nothing that I didn’t expect. Just having fun really.

Singersroom: Now, we all know that the New Boyz were originally on the tour, but ended up getting kicked off after a scuffle with the Hamilton Park after their name was brought up. Had you gotten any sense of tension from the guys before it all went down? Did you make sure to keep yourself and your name out of the situation?

Jacob Latimore: I didn’t notice there was any tension at all. But I really have nothing to say on that. I’m really cool with both the guys, and they’re all really talented.

Singersroom: You’re fifteen right now, so you’re well into your teenage years at this point. Being in the position that you are, a lot of kids look up to you as a role model. Do you feel like that’s a lot of pressure on you? Or do you embrace it?

Jacob Latimore: I embrace it. I don’t think it’s hard at all, because I’m going down a positive road and it’s pretty easy to encourage other kids.

Singersroom: As a role model, you have the power to really affect someone’s life.. And you have such an incredible platform to speak out on issues that your peers go through because they connect with you more because you’re the same age and go through the same kind of problems. How can you use your music to help other kids out there?

Jacob Latimore: Well, I just have to make sure that the music is having a certain message to it, and not anything that I wouldn’t relate to. I’m just like them so anything I relate to, I know they relate to because they’re around my age. I just have to make sure whatever I’m going through, I share that with them because they might be going through the same thing.

Singersroom: One of the biggest issues for teenagers is bullies and kids not speaking up on it when it’s happening to them. Were you ever bullied before?

Jacob Latimore: Nah, I’ve never really been bullied. I’ve barely been in school. [Laughs] I’ve never been bullied, but I can only imagine how it feels and how it affects people. I feel like people should treat other people the way they want to be treated. I think it’s terrible actually. I think a lot more kids should speak up about it.

Singersroom: What advice would you have for those kids out there in that situation but scared to talk about it?

Jacob Latimore: I would just say, stand up for yourself. But after a while, kids… I think kids that are scared to speak up about it, they will speak up about it on their own because eventually they’ll get tired of that bullying and being picked on.

Singersroom: Other issues are obviously peer pressure, drugs, and the whole nine. What helped you stay out of trouble and avoid getting caught up in those mess?

Jacob Latimore: Just keeping my real friends around me, and not just drifting off into other things that other people might think is cool. Always just stay grounded and keep your family around.

Singersroom: Another big thing is the whole dating thing… Now you’re a teen heartthrob so I’m sure you have no problems with the girls. Are you currently dating right now?

Jacob Latimore: Nah, I’m not dating right now. I love girls! [Laughs]

Singersroom: [Laughs] What do you look for in a girlfriend?

Jacob Latimore: What I look for in a girlfriend is just a girl that is down to earth, likes to have fun, and just be herself, really.

Singersroom: A lot of young girls struggle with the idea of having to have a certain body image to look attractive. As someone of their age, and possibly someone they crush on, what do you have to say about that issue?

Jacob Latimore: I would say, you shouldn’t seek approval about your beauty. You should know that you’re beautiful, and that God made you the way that you are for a reason. I think it starts with yourself, really. Knowing that you’re pretty basically.

Singersroom: Tell me about your upcoming TV show that’s coming out next year.

Jacob Latimore: It’s called ‘Young Man on Campus’ that BET developed. It’s about a 15-year-old boy in college, just basically dealing with that and being the young guy and trying to roll with the big guys being as smart as him. Basically, like tutoring his cousin in every subject. It’s really fun and I can’t wait to get into the works of that.

Singersroom: You’re also still working on your debut album that should be coming out next year. What’s the current status/progress on it?

Jacob Latimore: It’s been going great. I’ve been working with a lot of great producers and writers. I just can’t wait for everybody to hear it. It’s going to be good-quality music that not only the teenagers or the kids will listen to, but a lot of the grown-ups too.

Singersroom: Who have you worked with so far?

Jacob Latimore: I worked with the Underdogs, R. Kelly, Pop & Oak, Teddy Riley, who did “Like ‘Em All” remix. There’s an in-house writer named TC that actually wrote the “Like ‘Em All” song. I’ve worked with a lot of great producers and writers, and another guy by the name of Jukebox. He actually did the “Whip My Hair” track for Willow Smith. It’s just been a lot of great writers and producers.

Singersroom: What kind of topics are you covering on the album?

Jacob Latimore: I’m just talking about girls and my passion for dancing, and what teens my age go through and grown-ups went through when they were teens.

Singersroom: Aside from the TV show and album, what else do you have in store for fans in 2012?

Jacob Latimore: It’s going to be some more singles coming soon, and a lot of great music. I’ll be doing some stuff on the acting side as well. I just starred in this new BET show called ‘Reed Between The Lines,’ and it will air in a couple of weeks. I’m really excited about that.

Singersroom: With the year rounding up, what are some of your new years resolutions?

Jacob Latimore: To do better in math! [Laughs] I suck in math. And I want to just be a better person, and just live life as it goes and accomplish a lot more.

Singersroom: How do you plan on celebrating Christmas?

Jacob Latimore: With my family in Milwaukee.

Singersroom: Do you have any special plans for New Year’s Eve?

Jacob Latimore: Actually I think we’ll be on the Scream Tour for New Year’s Eve, so hopefully we do something special on the Scream Tour.
—— By: Interview By Connie Tang


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