2011 RECKLESS MOMENTS: Voletta Wallace Removes Lil Kim Off Monica’s Record (4 of 7)

Though many artists were able to make a strong comeback this year, Lil Kim could not catch a break at all. Just when things were starting to turn around for the Queen B with a feature on a Monica song, Notorious B.I.G.’s mom stepped in and shut it down.

Monica was set to release her single “Anything (To Find You)” featuring Missy Elliott, Rick Ross, and Lil Kim. However, Voletta Wallace had the last say since the song had samples from Biggie’s controversial hit, “Who Shot Ya?” Because of this, Ms. Wallace exercised her power of her son’s estate and removed Kim’s verse from the finalized version of the single.

This slight tension between Ms. Wallace and Lil Kim has been ongoing since Kim spoke out publicly against her portrayal in the ‘Notorious’ movie. Meanwhile, in the midst of this melee, Monica was merely caught as an innocent middleman between both parties.