2011 MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Grammy Shuns R&B (6 of 10)

Earlier this year, it was announced that the 54th annual Grammy Awards would face some drastic restructuring to shorten the show. Though the awards show is to celebrate all music genres and its artists as a whole, organizers sought to scale back the number of categories to 78, thus eliminating over 31 categories. These categories were either to be eliminated entirely, or reformatted to fit into an all-inclusive category.

According to the new system, categories will be removed from the awards if they receive less than 25 submissions during the eligibility process. In previous years, the requirement was just a ten minimum. If the categories fail to meet this criterion for three consecutive years, it will be permanently removed from the awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, the categories for Best Album, Record and Song of the Year, and Best New Artist obviously remained intact.

The R&B genre took the biggest hit of all, as it was reduced down from eight to a measly four awards. For instance, the awards for R&B Vocal Performance for males, females and groups have all been merged into one category – R&B Performance Award.

This scale back in the R&B world is due to the lack of submissions for the categories over the years, according to Bill Freimuth, the Recording Academy’s Vice President of Awards.

However, once the 2012 Grammy nominees announced, the organization faced criticism and backlash from fans and artists alike for several R&B artists that they felt were snubbed. In fact, the R&B world had a strong 2011-year as a whole, as they dominated the charts consistently. Artists like Jill Scott and Miguel took to Twitter to vent out their frustrations, while others questioned the lack of nominations for artists who had a strong year, including Beyonce.