[Lil] Eddie Serrano Talks Dropping His Moniker, Being Overlooked, Going International

Edwin “Lil Eddie” Serrano has been writing for some of your favorite artists for almost a decade. Within that time span, he has built a cult following overseas. Now he is ready to demand your respect for him as a solo artist. The Spanish Harlem native talks to Singersroom about songwriting, getting his first taste of the business and much more.

Starting in songwriting…”I used songwriting as a way to get by on the mic. I really didn’t know I was a good songwriter. As the years went by, I developed this skill and as well passion for it as it became more natural. It’s bigger than I can ever take credit for. Initially something I lied about and now it has become my life; it was an amazing journey.”

His First Shot…”Puffy and Mario Winans gave me my first shot and recognized me as a songwriter. They were the first who saw I had something real and developed [it] in their camp. I was 15, 16 when they took me in and they gave me my shot. I was still in high school when I co-write Carl Thomas’ “She Is” off his sophomore album ‘Let’s Talk About It.’

On The Origin Of His Moniker Lil Eddie…”That was something Mario Winans always used to call me. He used to say, “This dude little with a big voice. You ain’t never going to grow but you going to be doing big things.”

Dropping Lil Eddie In His Moniker…”The “Lil” thing seems a little bit immature or young. The last name has more identity now and fits me better. I like to use Serrano when [it] comes to my work that I will be releasing in the states.”

Being Over Looked In The States…”In the states, it’s always been more different for me. Being a Latin R&B singer, there hasn’t been too many of those. Because I have been writing [for] years now, people at labels expect me to always write records. I don’t play the artist thing in the forefront, I am not the type of artist to walk into the room and jump on a table. I am not apart of the Disney channel, I came from a real background of real life. Music is my savior coming from the life I grew up living. I know it’s harder for people to believe in an artist like me.”

Going International…”My first album was never officially released in the states. From that, a lot leaked online. Because of this buzz, I toured 3 years in Germany, Dubai and gained a lot in Japan. Japan is more of a market that is embracful in melody of songwriting. They are not into the politics of why I don’t have a major album in the states.”

Where He Sees Himself As A Solo Artist…”Eventually my goal is to build the brand enough and eventually people will come back around. I believe in 5 years, I will be able to release a international album. A worldwide album. I am a strong believer of working hard and never getting too comfortable.”
—— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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