Sammie: The Return (Part 2)

In part two of our sit down with R&B crooner Sammie, he opens up about about his love life, being romantic, how women inspire his music and more.

Singersroom: Aside from music, how has your love life been going? Anyone special in your life?

Sammie: I’ve been seeing someone. You know we have our ups and our downs, but I’m maturing. I’m 24 now, so I’m doing the Biggie thing. Because I travel the world so much, I’m kind of in that stage where I would like to take my girl out to LA and shop, opposed to being with my homies and doing it because I’ve done this for so long. I think we were made to have a companion; that’s how God created us. So I’m definitely dating; nothing too serious at this point since I’m still finding myself at the same time. But I’m interested in that girl that I can build with.

Singersroom: Do your exes inspire a lot of your music?

Sammie: Oh! Every song is a girl. I’m not going to put their name out there like that, but they’ll know when they hear it. I kind of tell girls that when I date them. Nine times out of ten, you’re going to inspire me to write something great, something not so great, but that’s what real music is to me.

This is my first project where I’m actually getting personal about things that I’ve gone through in my relationships or even relations. It can just be a sexual relation or whatever that inspires you at the moment. Every song is definitely about someone.

Singersroom: Should your exes be weary about listening to your music then?

Sammie: One of my exes doesn’t listen to my music. I don’t think she even watches videos or anything of mine. She doesn’t want to see me so much in that realm. Then there are a few girls that I’ve dated that I can actually say, hey I wrote a song last night and it’s kind of close to home and I want you to hear it. I’ll let them hear it before I even put it out. And it works in your favor if it’s a love song. If it’s great, it’s all good. If it’s something kind of bashing, something not so great, that’s when they’ll give you the side eye and look at you a little crazy. [Laughs]

Singersroom: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

Sammie: Man, I’m spontaneous. I do all kinds of things. I send flowers, which is typical, but just-because-it’s-Tuesday kind of flowers. Girls already like that. They like getting things when it’s just a regular day. They appreciate the little things. I don’t know. I’ve done so many things; I’ve done horseback riding with a girl before. The girl that I’m seeing now… We went skydiving. That’s the craziest thing I’ve done; we went skydiving together. I really don’t like flying… I don’t know if people know that about me; I don’t like being up there. So I thought maybe if I jump off a plane; I know it sounds crazy, and I survive, maybe it’ll help. It didn’t help at all, but it was an amazing experience. I still have video footage of it and everything. I do all kinds of things. I’m really spontaneous, and I like outdoors and I like to get dirty a little bit with my lady. Anything she wants to do that will make her smile and happy, I’m with it.

Singersroom: That’s cute! So in reversal though, what can a woman do to show her man that she loves him?

Sammie: I think females have to give back too. I’m a southern boy, and my grandmother is very nurturing, as is my mother. So they just have to nurture us; do that whole cooking and fixing a plate. I appreciate that more than any gift you can buy me. Not every time, but fold my clothes just because. It’s just catering to your man, and making him feel special goes a long way for me. It’s just the little things. I appreciate the really small things over the big things overall. That’s what I like – a domesticating woman.

Singersroom: Is that the biggest turn-on for you?

Sammie: Nah, the biggest turn-on is God-fearing and a woman that has ambition. I love a girl that just wants to take over the world, because I feel like the world is ours in our fingertips, but we just don’t take the necessary steps to conquer it. I like when I meet a female that just has so many goals, dreams and aspirations, but she’s working on making those dreams become reality. That’s the sexy trait to me. Because me being a Pisces, I’m a dreamer, and me being an artist, nothing is guaranteed out here in the music industry we live in. You can be hot tomorrow, or you may not be. So any girl that lives life on the edge and is fearless and has faith and will just jump, I love that.

Singersroom: Do you have any other side projects up your sleeve?

Sammie: Yeah, I ultimately want to be like one of the top songwriters in the game. So I wrote every record on my album pretty much, as well as the EP that I’m working on currently. I definitely wanted to take my lyrical content to another level, and I feel like I’ve done so with this music.

I just signed to an acting agency for the next three years of my career… to the agency CAA out in LA. Be on the lookout… It’s still just an idea, but I want to do something not the typical dating reality show, but just to tie the whole Sammie story from when I was 12 all the way to now at 24. A reality show where you can see the ins and the outs, and not just the good side but the bad side, the headaches, the conference calls, the lawyer fees, and all that good stuff. That’s in the works as well because I feel like that’s very instrumental too. People not only have to hear you, they have to see you as well. I can’t wait till that really comes to life, but it’s definitely an opportunity that awaits.

Singersroom: So kind of like the MTV “Diary” series from way back when.

Sammie: Yeah! Yeah! I think that’s something that MTV, BET, or one these music networks should bring back because they’re very intimate. That’s kind of what we’re going for as far as a true reality show. A lot of reality TV shows are scripted, so it’s not even reality. I just think you should just turn the camera on and get me walking the dog, which then turns into a phone call with Troy Taylor, which then turns to an argument probably with my assistant. That’s what really goes on in this industry, and I think people should see it.

Singersoom: I agree 100%. I really hope it does work out.

Sammie: Thank you. I appreciate that!

Singersroom: Anything you want to tell your fans?

Sammie: Yeah, I want to say I apologize for disappearing like that. I was only off Twitter for like four months, but it seems like a lifetime to people since we tweet everyday. I’m back in full throttle now, and I feel great about my situation. God has truly blessed me as a child of God, but also as an artist to even be considered is a humbling experience. I’ve been around for a minute, and for people to still want to hear music from Sammie, that’s crazy to me. I’m very, very grateful. I love y’all. And I thank y’all for letting me grow up too. There are some artists I know that came out around my time, and they’re just not happy with who they are because the fans kind of kept them in a cubicle or the fans have outgrown them, or somewhere they lost something. I just want to thank the fans for allowing me to do me and to be this 24-year-old young man that I am.

Singersroom: I gotta agree with you there! I actually grew up with you as well!

Sammie: Yeah I appreciate that! See that’s dope! And that’s the dopest part too. I just went to a high school and it was 17, 18-year-olds and they know “I Like It” when they were 5, 6, 7 years of age! So I have fans that are still way younger than myself, but also the fans that grew up with me. And now that I’m getting older, I can kind of get the cougars too. I can get it all! I like it!

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—— By: Interview By Connie Tang


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