Lalah Hathaway: A Return to the Beginning

Six solo albums in, The First Daughter of Soul, Lalah Hathaway brings fans ‘Where It All Begins.’ Scheduled to be released October 18, the soulful singer says the album mirrors the experience of making her first self-entitled record. “This is where I happen to be right now. After doing something a bunch of times, it ends up being fresh and new,” Hathaway says.

Her single, “If You Want To,” which she released via Twitter, is a crowd pleaser and a track that you would play in the car, before going out. Lalah calls it a feel good track.

Concept of ‘Where It All Begins?’… It mirrors the experience of making her first record. [She] considers herself a true artist not just because she makes music. Everybody is an artist in their own way. She wanted an empowered fresh take on creating this album.

Meaning Behind Album Cover… Chris Herod, created it after a few reincarnation. It’s a love letter to her parents. Music from when she was a child is on the album. Old photos are all infix in her hair.

Finally Remaking One of her Dad’s Songs… Thinking about it for 20 years, fans have been pleading and she got an opportunity at Capitol Records; everything just felt right.

—— By: Interview By Johnell Smalls


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