EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Fiona Talks Approaching Men, Getting Butterflies, More

Grammy-nominated R&B singer Melanie Fiona has been working hard on her sophomore album ‘The MF Life,’ while also trying to balance life and everything else alongside it. Led by her singles “Gone and Never Coming Back” and “4AM,” Melanie is no stranger to being expressive about her feelings through her music. Even on her debut single “Give It To Me Right,” Melanie is vocal about her expectations from a man. However, the Toronto native is not as aggressive as she appears to be when it comes to approaching men.

“I’m kind of like a moody, aggressive girl. Some days I may come out of my shell, and some days I don’t,” Melanie tells Singersroom exclusively. “I think if I’m feeling someone, I might not run up to them and be like ‘Okay, give me your number.’ That’s not my style, because I don’t want anybody who doesn’t want me… So maybe I’ll just give them a little eye. Maybe they’re interested, we’ll see how it goes from there.”

On the other hand, Melanie has no problems with a man approaching her, though she has a hard time getting them to do so. As humble and personable as Melanie is, some men have told her that they feel intimidated to come up to the “It Kills Me” singer.

“I don’t feel that my energy and my presence is intimidating. [Besides] that’s not what I’m aiming to do because I do welcome conversation, and I think it takes a lot for somebody to get the courage to approach someone and say, ‘Hey I wanna get to know you,'” Melanie explains. “I’m really just an energy person. If their energy is really vibing with mine, even from across the room, they’ll feel my energy back and that’s probably a good indication that they should probably come over. If they’re wrong, I’ll probably let them know that too.”

And even if men cannot understand the energy vibe from Melanie, they can take solace in knowing that she appreciates the smaller things in life. “Creative expression is a big thing that gives me butterflies; when somebody takes the road less traveled to express how they feel,” Melanie reveals. To her, putting in some thought to express your feelings is the key to her heart. And she doesn’t expect elaborate, grand gestures either, but rather small things like “Post-It notes left on the mirror and hand-written letters.”

Nevertheless, love will have to take a ticket behind the songstress’ hectic schedule. Like many artists, when Melanie isn’t busy on the road touring, doing radio promo and interviews, meeting fans, or in rehearsal, she’s either in the studio recording music or at a video or photo shoot. And if she’s lucky, she may even get a few hours of sleep and rest in. With such a busy lifestyle, it unfortunately leads to some sacrifices when it comes to balancing life, love, and music. Melanie confesses, “When you’re moving in one direction, it’s very hard to be in many places at once. My goal is to always keep people around me – friends, family, and love that is positive, supportive, and understands where I’m at and what I’m doing with my life right now. They know that I love them even from afar. I really do try my best to balance.”


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