Chauncey Black: The Aftermath & The Reconstruction

Chauncey Black, one fourth of the original recording group Blackstreet, is not a veteran artist looking for nostalgic times, rather he is attempting to push pass the red tape of old labels as he positions himself as a solo artist. He already knows you want to call him old school but would you call R. Kelly, Maxwell old school? No. Then why him? Chauncey spoke with Singersroom about his Flipmode deal, young generation of singers, and the possibility of uniting Blackstreet.

Flipmode Aftermath… The reason I went into the Flipmode deal was I was in a situation with Blackstreet in 2003 where we did our last album on Dreamworks called ‘Level 2.’ That really did not pan out over there at Dreamworks so Buss came to Virgina Beach to do a song with Teddy [Riley] that me and Teddy wrote called “Everyday Is Your Birthday.” The song was originally for my solo project; Teddy was trying to get me a solo situation at that time but he couldn’t do it so I went and pursued Buss on signing me to Flipmode because I knew Flipmode never had an R&B solo artist.

U.S. vs World View on Music… I really feel the states are just not there any more with the music. They don’t appreciate the real real music like overseas and things like that.

The Music Industry is Dead I think it is the CEO and heads even though there changing and a lot of people have moved seats…The music industry is not there anymore because of what these major labels are putting out. They just want that quick fix…that is really all it is, it not real music.

Mislabeling Older Artist… The states will label you old school immediately before they even try to get into it and support it.

No Fault of Young Generation… I believe it is not the younger people, it is the ones sitting up in those executive [positions]. Their the ones really controlling what the younger market hears. I have kids and they know Michael Jackson and all of these great artists they know are legendary so they understand it. I just think the execs want that quick money right now. Quick money is Hip Hop. They don’t invest in R&B anymore like they used to.

Need For a Male Group… I just think you have to have a certain sound. Groups like Blackstreet, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, Jodeci, SWV, you had real vocals in there. Soul vocals. These Making of Band groups come and go. I am not saying there not talented but you will never hear them again.

Blackstreet Ushered Hip Hip R&B Sound… We came from a producer that started in Hip Hop – Teddy Riley. He was really one of the founders of it. He wanted them to hear a more edgier sound. We wanted to give a little Hip Hop and R&B vibe because Hip Hop was so strong coming into the game in ’93.

Rappers Are Not Singers… Singing is not easy. It ain’t as simple as rap. What makes you think I can’t rap if I tried. You would look at me a little different though? Right? Why ain’t you looking at the rapper a little different when they go into the element of singing. It is kind of crazy now that you have these rappers singing and rapping; it kind of shuts out the R&B singer. At the end of the day, all these rap comes from R&B, they have been sampling R&B records for ever.

Blackstreet Continues?… I own the name Blackstreet. I really feel it should go out in style. I don’t think we should really try to comeback.

Chauncy Black Solo vs. Black Street… Chauncy Black is really a Blackstreet name, it is not a solo name. I have to start from the ground up. It’s hard but I have the faith and I believe i’m gonna make it happen. I have to get with somebody who believes in it 150%, not half of Blackstreet and half of me. Some people go in with the intentions of maybe he can get Teddy [Riley] to do a record, maybe he can get somebody to this.

Teddy Solo Effort Help… I really feel Teddy could have launched our solo careers a lot better and a lot differently to keep us going as artist cause we all were signed to him. I am not blaming it on him but that happens when you get in bed sometimes with the wrong people. Not to say Blackstreet was the wrong business move, I just feel maybe I was there a little to long.

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