EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Fiona’s Sophomore Slump Challenge

For R&B singer Melanie Fiona, returning with her sophomore album ‘The MF Life’ has been a huge challenge. She tells Singersroom, “It is a very serious process to go through being a first time artist now working on a second album.”

Since releasing her debut album ‘The Bridge,’ Fiona has traveled the world performing, which have contributed to the creative process of the forthcoming effort. “There is a lot that I’ve experienced, seen and done and that really molds who you are. I really feel like experiences and the things you do and the people you encounter and the energy you exchange has an affect on you.”

Confident about overcoming the sophomore slump Fiona says, “I am in a good place with being more sure of who I am and where I see myself headed and reflecting that through my music.”

Sticking to one theme for ‘The MF Life,’ Fiona has chosen the “overall concept about the ups and downs of life and welcoming that and looking at that and celebrating that.”

The album is schedule for release on December 6, 2011.

Watch more on our interview with Melanie Fiona below as she covers the topic of love and more.


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