Emjay: Releasing Emotions

Newly signed to hit songwriter Rico Love’s Division 1 label, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Emjay is ready for his shot at stardom. With patience and learning his craft, the newcomer’s love for music and faith in God, fronts his path to garnering success. Check out Emjay!

Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson… Michael Jackson. There are many MJs but Michael Jackson was definitely number one in my book.

Connecting with Rico Love… Rico actually knew my family. I didn’t actually know Rico personally growing up but we actually came in encounter with each other in Atlanta, Georgia after I started my music career.

Leaving at 15 Years Old… I left at fifteen off on my own. I said I got to get it. I need to support my family. I need to do everything I can do to survive, that was my mentally growing up. I kept that as I moved on in life. It was easy to bounce around and do what I have to do.

Introduction to the Game… I knew Ciara before she came out, J. Holiday, Bobby Valentino, RL of Next, 112, Jazz Pha, Sean Garrett. A lot of people I dealt with before they got on and when they got on. My first move was Atlanta so that is when I got in contact with all those people there.

Learning to Craft Lyrics… The singing started everything and as I got around different producers I started realizing that writing is very very important…so I had to get more into that craft over time.

Life of the Story… Being young and being out there in the streets and just bumping into different people white, black, Puerto Rican, in general different nationalities taught me a lot of different things about the world. Things that were just hitting are day to day; I was just learning going through my ups and downs. Different experiences that made it easier for me to write music.

Heart Strokes… I don’t want to be just in a category of love making or anything like that. I want to hit all genres of music. I want to touch different parts of the heart, not just one part.

Signing With Rico Love… It is just the chemistry. I have known Rico for a very very long time. I know him before he even started his music career. With us being friends and gelling as friends, it is not just a business relationship. It’s like my big brother, we really been through some things together. We lived together; we done did a lot of things together. Basically he just came back and said I got you. While I was out doing my thing and he was doing his thing, he came back and said I’m on. It’s time to get it lets go. I was ready at the time. I went through everything I went through and it was just time to move forward.

Album Storyline… Right now my whole thing is behind my shades. The guy behind the shades who is he? What is he about? That’s what I will be able to express in my music. You will be able to see who I am and what I want to give to the world once I take my shades off.

Playing Your Position… As an artist, you have to learn how to play your position. You can’t rush anything you have to be patient. At the end of the day it is not up to anyone but God. You have to let God lead your path, as long as you let him lead your path everything will happen when it is time to happen. You have to be patient at the end of the day and just work hard. Don’t even worry about everything else on the outside.

Why Do You Love R&B… We are all music. Everything that we do and everything we go through is based on music. It is a song, it is a feeling, I just love the feeling. I have been through so many different feelings since I was young; in love, hurt, happiness, being angry. All the feelings that you feel in your heart is music, it’s a song and something you can appreciate. I like being able to express all those things through my music, that is why I love it so much.

Elementary Love Notes (Check Yes or No)… I definitely did that in my time. I did quite a few of those not just one or two, a whole hand full. I was a little ladies man back in the day

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