Jon Bellion: Dream Chaser

Jon Bellion is a contradiction. He moves full speed without a throttle but simultaneously he is extremely patient about each step he takes. Before the lyricist/singer/producer threw all of his energy into being a well-rounded artist, he initiated his music career as a producer. Confident that no one could fully envision the songs he formulates in his mind, he began to experiment with vocal chords over his instrumentation.

Pushing pass nonbelievers inclinations that he should stick to producing, Bellion’s confidence as an artist grew along with his fan base. Now the twenty something Long Island, New York native is entertaining offer from various major music labels.

Never Will I Count On Someone For Direction… “I started out producing and my stuff is relatively eclectic and a little bit different and people weren’t doing my beats the way I would want them to do it. I was not happy with the way people were approaching my beats so I kind of just tried the whole singing and rapping thing. People didn’t really take too kindly to it because they were like ‘your a producer why you singing. You don’t sing. You don’t rap. Relax with that.’ It took a lot to get the balls to be like I can do this.”

Following The Path of Producer/Songwriter to Artist… “I think it is a graduation of exploration and experimentation. You can only do stuff for other people so much. I think we live in a time where it is hard to make it if your just a writer or just a producer cause there is like four hundred million of those…I don’t think gives me a better chance to ‘make it’ but I think you get bore of the mundane or giving people records or waiting for them to use it or waiting on other people if your work ethnic is somewhat good.”

What Is ‘Making It’… I’m in love with just making music. The fact that people are enjoying it is a blessing; it is humbling. My goal is to do this for the rest of my life. It is all I know, it is all that makes me happy. If I can do this the rest of my life that is making it to me. To support my way family to support my way of life thru my music and not have to have a nine to five that is making to me.

Last Days of 9 to 5… “I was waiting tables at a catering hall. I went on a ten-day family vacation [and] when I left the company switched management. I came back and they let go of a lot of people. I was there for a year. They called and they were like I don’t know if you interested in coming back but you can come in one day a week. I was like screw it; let me try this whole music thing. Let me release the first video and see how it goes. I think honestly it might have been God, because I think two days after I left the video kind of got picked up and blogs started calling and people dug what I was releasing.

Music Is Not Guaranteed…“It is scary. You don’t know what is it brings. Granted if you get a degree and you work hard to a doctor or something you know when you get out of school your going to get something. A degree equals qualifications to get the job but with you are learning on your own, your own intuition, your own everything. It is like showing the world ‘does everybody like this.'”

Taking Lessons From Basketball to Music… “Crowd relationships and tuning out people in the crowd making sure your getting done what you need to get done. People supporting you and you run off that. That is the biggest relationship for me. When I first started music it was like my life was an away game, everybody was like ‘nah chill.’ ‘Boo get out of here.’ You stay the course, you stay focused, you don’t let anybody rattle you. Then your flows are getting a little bit better and your working on your voice. You start dropping buckets.

Family Backbone… “My father is a successful businessman and I really look up to him. He is a Christian God fearing dude and he is a really patient amazing person; the same with my mother. I have a brother and two sisters and they are all incredible in support of me. I know at the end of the day I am going to come home to them and they are going to love me. That is what gives me that insight that the world is not going to end if I sign with people. My dad tells me all the time that the A&Rs are just human. They go home to their family; they need to make money just like you. They are not going to put their ass on the line to make you famous and not want anything in return.”

—— By: Interview By Staff


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