Teyana Taylor: Fashion Forward

At the intersection of style and music you will find songstress and fashionista, Teyana Taylor. The raven-haired beauty recently sat down with Singersroom to discuss what happens when the individuality of style and creativity of music collide. When speaking about her own fashion choices, Teyana expressed that her unique style is at best indefinable. “I would say my style is indefinable. It’s not something that’s planned. It’s about telling a story with your choice of outfits,” she goes on to say, “Fashion is a story.” In addition to chatting about fashion no-no’s, the most stylish male performers and the motivation behind remixing “Marvin’s Room,” the Harlem native also pays homage to the place that gave birth to her creativity. “I give all my thanks to Harlem,” says Teyana. “It gave me that style and that swag. Harlem allowed me to be myself and do what I do.” Follow us as we delve deeper into the mindset of urban fashion icon Teyana Taylor.

Singersroom: In what ways do fashion and music intertwine?

Teyana Taylor: Oh that’s easy! It’s so simple. Your appearance brings out what you’re singing. It’s like if you’re singing a jazz song and you match it with an outfit that expresses what you’re singing. The music is the most important thing and the look comes with the sound pretty much. But then again, just be you because I wear Jordans with anything and with any song [Laughs].

Singersroom: How would you define your unique style?

Teyana Taylor: Well I love fashion but I would say my style is indefinable. It’s not something that’s planned. It’s about telling a story with your choice of outfits. For me it’s natural. I don’t wake up and say, “Ok what am I going to wear today?” I kind of just throw on what I feel and keep it moving.

Singersroom: Hair definitely plays a part in fashion. What is your hair regime?

Teyana Taylor: I just try not to play in it and leave it alone [Laughs]. I wash it and I let it be – I don’t even comb it. I don’t do too much with my hair because I love it just the way it is. And yes I’m natural. My mommy would have a fit otherwise. If I wanted it in a different curl pattern I just flat iron it and then curl it with the curlers to get a different look but no perms!

Singersroom: You recently remixed Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’ calling it “Her Room.” Have you ever had a Marvin’s room experience?

Teyana Taylor: Yes! I mean that song is based on a true story. That song is from the heart. That song was tears, pain and hurt. Sometimes people do remixes and it’s like whatever. But the whole point in me doing the song is that I felt a connection to it. That was something I sang from my heart – it was raw. Sometimes it’s not always about how much bravado someone has or what kind of notes they’re hitting. I know a lot of people who can sing and can do a lot of runs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re singing from the heart. I feel like every girl has been through a ‘Her Room’ situation and all I can do is be real about it and not make any stereotypical type shit.

Singersroom: What style do you find most attractive in men and are there any celebrities that epitomize that style to you?

Teyana Taylor: See the Harlem girl in me loves wife-beaters and Tims [Laughs]. I just love the whole Harlem boy swag. I’ll pick that any day. But artists like Pharrell and Kanye, I love their fashion sense – these are guys who really know their style, they just get it.

Singersroom: What are some of the biggest fashion faux pas or fashion don’ts you’ve seen?

Teyana Taylor: I mind my business honestly [Laughs]. I don’t get into any of that because when I say how I feel it’s a whole big thing. There are a lot of fashion decisions that upset me and no no’s that I would name right now but let’s just say I mind my business. As long as I’m doing what I have to do and I’m not walking around looking crazy, I’m fine.

Singersroom: What advice would you give to those who use fashion to express themselves but are often criticized for it?

Teyana Taylor: I would say just be yourself. I’ve always been in my own little world so I wouldn’t really care what others said. A lot of things I wear the blogs either like or they don’t like it, but at the end of the day when the right people enjoy your style that’s all that should matter. I don’t too much care for individuals who are always criticizing what you have on or people who have their opinions and look crazy themselves.

Singersroom: Explain how your Harlem upbringing has had an affect on how you choose to express yourself through music and fashion?

Teyana Taylor: Oh Harlem, I give all my thanks to Harlem. It gave me that style and that swag and allowed me to be myself and do what I do. Before I got signed I’ve always been in my own world but I mean Harlem is the best.

Singersroom: Finish this sentence: Fashion is…

Teyana Taylor: Fashion is a story.

—— By: Interview By Aleta Watson


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