Estelle Believes Amy Winehouse ‘Deserved Better’

English singer Amy Winehouse’s untimely passing has shocked and upset many fans and music industry personnel alike, including singer-songwriter Estelle. Having been exposed to the music scene around the same time as Winehouse, Estelle felt “sad, disappointed and angry” and “cried for about two days” over Winehouse’s death.

Also hailing from London, Estelle ran into Winehouse quite often back then and was able to relate with her on the difficulty of dealing with fame.

“Amy’s been Amy – that’s Amy, a bit drunk, a bit high. My thing is, again, you can’t tell from the inside-out what is going on with an artist. This fame is a juggernaut: It slaps you in the face and you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know who has your back, who is your support system,” the “American Boy” singer told MTV News.

She continued, “I don’t want to judge her, having similarly been through that explosion of everything, [becoming] famous all at once. It’s hard. We came out with albums at the same time, so I’d always see her. I just know she deserved better than that.”

Amy Winehouse passed away on Saturday, July 23rd and was found in her London apartment. Autopsy results prove inconclusive on Monday, but Winehouse’s family speculates that the singer passed away due to alcohol withdrawal. It has been reported it will take two to four weeks for toxicology tests to provide a cause of death.