Make Your Lace Front Look as Good as Beyonce’s

As women we all strive for perfect hair. Countless amounts of money is spent on haircare yearly. Recently the epidemic of lace front wigs have seized the attention of women all in attempt of gaining long, perfect, natural looking hair. Unfortunately, because of miseducation or just plain ignorance these wigs have been seen in an unattractive light. It may seem as if lace front wigs have taken on a mind of their own, but in actuality women have taken on a disillusioned sense of how a lace front wig should be worn. The object of lace front wigs is to provide you with a natural looking hairline.

Although Beyonce has had some mishaps, she usually rocks her lace fronts well. Beyond money, proper application is imperative for the picture perfect wig. Consider these 5 tips to master your lace front wigs….

Prep your hair before applying the lace front. Oftentimes, women can look as if they have a helmet on their head. This is due to non-preparation. Be sure to cornrow your natural hair, or put on a wig cap.

Match lace front to your actual hairline. The biggest problem seems to lie in women creating an unnatural hairline with the lace fronts. Whether you’re having forehead insecurities or just trying something new, gluing or taping the lace front to the middle of your forehead will land you on Be sure to align the outline of the lace front closely with your natural hairline but not directly on it to avoid crooked lines.

Never allow glue/tape to be visible. The unsightly view of white residue along your face is not becoming. Using the appropriate glue can assure a clean, smooth line and also keep your edges damage-free. If using double-sided tape, place the strips as close as possible to the hairline. Make sure you attach the tape to the edges of the lace. Makeup can also be used to disguise the outline of the wig.

Stay baby hair free. As cute as babies are with the tiny little hairs that line their hairline, those hairs are natural and fitting for babies only. Women should steer clear of creating baby hairs with gels and greases. This does not complement the lace front and more importantly the grease/gel destroys the outline of the wig over time. Use alcohol to remove the excess dirt and oil from your hairline.

Try lace fronts with comb grips. Using this method can erase the worries of messy glue. The combs grip to your actual hairline and provide a natural look without all the fuss. It’s less time consuming too.

—— By: JournalisticChic


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