Closet Therapy

Everyone has a way of dealing with stress, some people go for a drink, some go for a jog, while others go shopping. Shopping is therapeutic session to free your mind from a hectic day at work or escape from your day to day routine. I know I always end up at the mall when I am feeling down and soon after feel much better, plus I walk away with a new item to add to my closet. There is something about the pleasure and satisfaction I get by looking at all the nice window displays with the latest merchandise, trying on different shoes and outfits that suit me the best and finally finding that one item worth splurging on. All my worries seem to suddenly disappear. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to satisfy your emotional needs and materialistic wants. Here are the five reasons retail therapy helps turn that frown upside down.

Desired Distraction
It’s a consumerist escapade from everyday life. Shopping temporarily distracts you from work, family, and any stress you are feeling. It becomes like a fantasy land when no one can bother you, except the slow or rude cashier. When you are bored, it is always an option to go shopping.

Harmless High
It gives you a natural high feeling, hence the term shopaholic. When shopping the brain gets a surge of excitement which is the body releasing dopamine, sort of like when a person uses a drug. That explains why we continue to want to go shopping or say we need this and that, because we want to feel satisfied and happy again. Just don’t get addicted.

Revamps Your Closet
Okay, us material girls we have been guilty of over splurging, doing some impulse shopping when we see a sale sign or shopped obsessively for all the new trends. What do we have to show for it other than a credit card bill? Great photos showcasing our perfectly put together outfits and a closet full of terrific clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Great Exercise
Walk it out and tone it up. You probably don’t realize how much you walk when you shop, I’d say I walk at least a mile. Let’s not forget the heavy shopping bags we carry around. Did you ever feel sore after day of shopping? Work out those legs and arms while you buy a pair of fabulous sandals.

Healthy Communication amongst Peers
Best time to have girl talk.. Sharing the shopping experience with a friend is a great way to vent your troubles and also get their opinion on your next purchase. Next time you are feeling blue call up a friend and shop away.

What feelings do you experience when you shop?
—— By: Karina Martinez


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