Joe: Love and Mainstream

Veteran R&B singer Joe is set to release his ninth studio album entitled ‘The Good, The Bad, The Sexy’ this coming fall. This project will serve as the follow-up to the crooner’s critically acclaimed album ‘Signature’ after a two-year hiatus. Singersroom recently caught up with the love making crooner, who gave us all the details on the forthcoming effort as well as his thoughts on R&B.

Singersroom: Have you ever had someone come up to you & tell you they had their child to your music?

Joe: All the time…all the time. It’s such a flattering thing to hear because it’s love. You’d want to think that kids are made by love, right? [Laughs] And I’m happy to be a part of that. That’s nice. I mean, music is what I love to do. I want people to feel it… I want to be a part of their lives and memories and things like that. So it’s a beautiful thing.

Singersroom: How are you able to write so many love songs from all these different perspectives?

Joe: I don’t know… I really don’t. It’s just living life. I love life. I love experiencing it. Different experiences give you different people. Talking to strangers… It’s a beautiful thing. [Laughs] That’s how you learn.

Singersroom: So what are some of your secrets to attract women? Besides singing, of course.

Joe: I guess, when you take care of yourself… Like you’re well-taken care of. I don’t know what attracts women! I just be myself. I can’t say. What attracts you? You tell me.

Singersroom: So what makes you stand out from the other R&B artists?

Joe: Hmm, I don’t know. I think a lot of us come from a religious background, so I can’t say that. I guess… my own perspectives on life. I look at each person I deal with and I respect who they are. I really do! And by me respecting who they are and be themselves, I pick up so much. I grew by doing that. When you start to stifle someone and not let them just grow, you don’t really get a chance to fully grow yourself. So I just try to give that respect to each and every one I come across on the street, because they deserve it and it benefits me in the long run.

Singersroom: So let’s talk about your new album. When is it coming out?

Joe: August 30th.

Singersroom: For sure?

Joe: Absolutely. I hate to switch dates because I’m out promoting one date, and then we switch it. So yeah, August 30th. God’s willing, it will be the final date when we release it. It’s called ‘The Good, The Bad, The Sexy.’ Very great album, more mainstream. Different from ‘Signature’ completely.

Singersroom: So what kind of sound can we expect to hear compared to your old material?

Joe: Well the old material, like “Stutter,” is going back to that “Ride Wit You” and “I Wanna Know” themes. It’s really more mainstream, and still a mix between mainstream and that classic Joe.

Singersroom: So is it more dancing?

Joe: I wouldn’t say it’s more dancing. My first single, I would say, is more on the dance side. [But] I wouldn’t say dance because when you say dance nowadays, you’re going more European. Usher’s done a few dance records now, and quite a few [other artists] have too. Everyone’s pretty much going that dance route. But if it doesn’t fit me or my style, I just think my fans would be utterly disappointed in me going that direction. So I tried to give them something of what they’re used to and something they haven’t heard before just to spark them up a little.

Singersroom: So can we expect to see you on tour any time soon?

Joe: Absolutely. I’m touring right around the album release… August, end of August. I’m going to be out there, everywhere.

Singersroom: Who do you think defined R&B the most so far this year?

Joe: Hmm. R&B? When you say R&B, R&B has pretty much went pop now. There’s really no one defining R&B in these days. Everyone wants to go with the wave… ride the wave. And I understand it. It’s a struggle out here to continue to do what you do, [which] becomes monotonous to people’s thinking. I can’t really say who is really holding it down like that because it’s a struggle for all of us in the R&B game to deliver good music, remain honest, do what you’re doing, and be successful at it as well.

Singersroom: Who have you been checking for this year in R&B?

Joe: I love Chris Brown, I love Rihanna… Cause they’ve got R&B things. I love Rihanna’s Jamaican style. I really wish she would do more of that; it feels like her lane and she sounds great doing it. Just a lot of great singers out there just representing R&B, but they’re kinda going the other way as well, so it’s kinda hard to say. There are no true R&B singers out there anymore. Everyone wants to sell records, and to sell records, you have to go pop. [Laughs]

Singersroom: Well hopefully you’ll be bringing R&B back with your album.

Joe: Hopefully they will continue to love it. Hopefully they will love it and embrace it. That would be the perfect moment for me 110%.
—— By: Interview By Connie Tang


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