Ameriie Ready For New Album After Tying The Knot, Talks Feeling Special

R&B singer Ameriie has been relatively quiet on the music side lately since the announcement of her name change, and she has stayed mum and private regarding her personal life for the longest. Therefore, it was no surprise when news broke out that the songstress had wed her longtime boyfriend and A&R, Lenny Nicholson, in late June in the Caribbean.

For the Grammy-nominated artist, this wedding was bound to happen. Recently, she opened up to Essence to talk about her love for Lenny and how much he makes her feel special, from doing the little things to the big surprises.

“He’s just a gentleman. He does the big things like surprises and we’ll go here and we’ll go there, but it’s the little things too. The little things defy everything to me. That’s the stuff that’s going to happen most often,” she praises of him. “It could be as simple as him opening my car door or when we’re at a restaurant he always pulls the chair out for me and he stands up when I have to leave the table and when I come back.”

Ameriie continues, “He’s just so romantic! I love the way he treats my family. He treats my sister just as well as he treats me and that’s so important to me. She actually mentioned that in her speech. She was my maid of honor.”

The newlywed also reveals that she’s currently working on her fifth studio album, entitled ‘Cymatika,’ which is aiming for a Spring 2012 release date.

On the album sound, the singer explains, “The album is called Cymatika, which is named after cymatics, the study of visual sound. The last album was very hip-hop soul, R&B, and rock, but this time I fused electronica and new wave, and a lot of classic song structure. I usually sing about love but for this album I really wanted to talk about the human experience. Not in the romantic sense but just being who you really are and not running from yourself.”

Though the project is nowhere near its completion yet, Ameriie mentions she enjoys the creative process the most when it comes to recording new music.

“It’s all about the creative process. For me it’s more about creating it, getting it off my chest, and then putting it out into the universe. Then I move on to the next thing,” she says. “When I’m releasing it, I’m releasing it, and I’m on to creating something else. Half the time by the time we deliver the album and it’s already mixed and mastered I’m on to the next sound.”

Currently, fans can listen to her most recently released single “Outside Your Body” to get a feel of what to expect from the project.