VaShawn Mitchell: Nobody Greater

People seem to think there is nothing greater than who a person who can deliver inspirational songs that speak to the soul. That is when they press play on VaShawn Mitchell’s album. After going through a path that has lead left and right he wants to inspire everybody with messages from his faith. He still feels music is his calling to be the light that shines for the world. Listen to VaShawn as he shares a piece of himself with Singersroom.

Being Coach & Player… “You are in control and you are being lead. If you are like me that goes to church you have to be led. However you have to know your crowd and be smart. If you are being paid at the Steve Harvey block party you have to have control and know that you’re not in church. I was talking to one of my mentors BeBe Winans and he said, “They want to get up when they want to get up. They do not want to be told what to do. You can’t make them do it because it is not Sunday morning.” It is all about being smart and knowing your audience.

Money Making 9 to 5 vs. Singing for Pennies… “I would do what I do because I have a passion for it and I was doing it before this hit Nobody Greater. I just been waiting for my time and now it’s my turn. Just the appreciation you get for doing what I do is payment enough.”

Chicago…My hometown… “It is the hometown of gospel and blues and great food. I was not born when it happened but there used to be a place called music row where you could hear great blues players like B.B. King all the time. A lot of Chicago’s music is influenced by the R&B/Blues sound so today we have people around great music and great music history. If they can hear great music they can produce great music. You have wonderful artists like R. Kelly, Kanye West, and VaShawn Mitchell… from rap to gospel. It’s a place where people embrace all types of music.”

Spreading the Word… “I don’t push church on my brother or sister. I encourage God and I encourage a relationship with him. I try to lead by example. I rather my brother have a relationship with God then go into the four walls of the church.”

Creative Process… “First of all I like to be very creative. I like to know what’s going on from the news to the T.V. I try to make music that reflects what’s going on in the world. I want to make music that touches people. I have the studio sounding and looking like what I wan t the song to be like. I had dim lights and I don’t do air condition in the studio for No One Greater. If we are going to write for the everyday person then we have to feel what the everyday person feels. We have to be able to touch people from everyday life. I’m inspired through life and that helps my creative process.”

Inspirational/Gospel vs Secular… “Gospel music is singing the inspirational music that God gave to us to inspire listeners throughout the world. I don’t think that there is a conflict between Gospel/Inspirational vs. secular music because people just want to hear great music. Once it’s the right sound, right music and it’s not too churchy people will like it. The audience is still the same anyway.”

Triumphant Leader… “I purposely took a year to see what was going on with people and the world. I observed that people were losing their jobs, people were losing homes and finances were crazy. I wanted to point people toward the focus of their source not their resource. Triumphant is all about touching the people from the beginning to the end. It inspire, encourage, equips and help people to realize that whatever they are going through it is not permanent and they will make it. I’m triumphant because that what God created me to be…a messenger.”

St Mark’s Baptist Church… “I was born in Chicago but I grew up in Harvey. I grew up near an alley so on the other side was the church. I was one of those kids that loved music and every time I heard something I would run over to the church I would go over there and hang with the musicians. The music inspired me to become a musician.”

Mr. Mitchell Offstage… “I’m an everyday dude. When I’m not traveling or singing I just like chilling. I like to watch Law & Order to Family Guy. I like to enjoy myself by jumping in my car and checking out the city. I like to go to the aquarium. I love family! I and my sister and her kids go to Florida. I just love to enjoy life.”

Fashion Must Haves… “Definitely my cologne it depends how I feel because you can’t where certain colognes in certain places. Burberry Touch to Gucci cologne are two colognes I like. I also love my rings and I am a fan of my Gucci watch.”

Favorite flavor (Women)… “Definitely black women! I don’t want to get in trouble but I usually like the light skinned long haired women. Yeah… lol.”

Light of the World… “It’s all about what you do. If I sing about God I have to let my light shine by being an example. I can’t be at Essence Music Festival and be drinking with the rest of them when I sing No One Greater. Not saying I can’t be amongst the people because Jesus hung around all types of people but we are suppose to be in the world not of the world.”

Favorite Dance… “The snake and cabbage patch. All that new stuff I can’t do like the Dougie and walking out.”

Favorite 90’s music group… “Mint Condition…oh yeah!”

Deal Breakers… “I know what I want so there are not too many deal breakers for me. The women I let around me wouldn’t do anything to deal break.”

When It’s All Said and Done… I would like people to say that I created music that was timeless. Timeless music comes when you hear it. Marvin Gaye created songs that we still listen to like it just came out…timeless.

—— By: Interview By Deyior Dunbar


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