Curly Girl Collective: Natural Hair Transition & Maintenance Tips

Julienne Brown of Curly Girl Collective shares several of her most treasured tips for transitioning to natural hair and maintaining it.

Top 5 hair tips for transition:

The BIG chop, it saves a lot of time.

Embrace curly styles like straw sets and flexi rods. Flattening hair roots changes your texture as you grow it out. Try to maintain the roots of your natural hair than the ends.

Trim your ends, little by little so that your hair won’t break off.

Keep your scalp moisturized. With a perm you may go awhile without moisture, but not with natural hair. Keep it conditioned.

Stop using the flat iron, it changes your curl pattern.

Top 5 tips for those maintaining natural hair:

Invest in a satin cap.

Twist your hair at night. It helps with tangling.

Don’t use shampoo often because it creates build up and dries your hair out builds up. Only shampoo twice a month. Do co-washes which is cold water and conditioner.

Invest in a big tooth comb or a Denman brush. It helps detangle hair.

Look for small knots at the ends of your hair and trim as needed. This helps your hair to stay even on ends.

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