Estelle Gears Up For September Release, Talks British Invasion

British songstress Estelle is gearing up for the release of her new album ‘All of Me,” in September and she says the new project is for her “fans and family.” Lead by the first single “Break My Heart,” featuring Maybach Music CEO Rick Ross, the Grammy winner is spending a lot of time on the new effort to make sure it’s “right.”

“It will come out around September. I took about two years off to just live a little bit. I’m definitely not one of those artists to just put music out there without feeling it,” Estelle tells “I write 90% of my records, so I have to live a little bit and really get into. I had to take time with this album, make sure it was right and pick the right producers and collaborators. I would describe this album as the stages of my life. This album is for my fans and family.”

‘All of Me’ will feature collaborations from several artists and producers including, Jerry Wonda (Wyclef, Fugees), No I.D., Common, Ne-Yo and Janelle Monae. A music video for the Rick Ross assisted “Break My Heart” was recently shot and will premiere very soon. Estelle also touched on how the record came about, stating it had a great vibe.

“It just felt good. I had the beat sitting there for a while. I wrote and recorded it and the reaction from everyone was like “where the hell did this come from?” Then we sent it to Rick Ross and he was like I’ve been a fan of yours since the first album and he said he always wanted to work with me. We sent him the track; he layed down his vocals and it was perfect,” she says.

On another note, Estelle also paid homage to her UK counterparts who have been successful in their penetration of the U.S. market. Being one of the first black artists to win a Grammy in the states, she opens up about the “British invasion.”

“Let me tell you, every three years they are talking about the “British invasion.” It’s been ongoing. It’s been an invasion for the last 10 years. We are here! We crossed over,” she says. “I’m like one of the first black British artists to come over here and win a Grammy. We are here! I don’t personally know Jessie J or Adele. I’ve met and hung out with Tinie. I’ve seen his whole run down, so I respect the hell out of him. He’s a hustler, he gets it and he’s working three steps ahead. He’s learned from the elders and he does it right. That’s one of the things that I’m so happy about. A lot of people get over here and lose their minds and do some stupid shit. So I’m proud of him. Jessie J; same thing… I don’t know much about her, she has her own swagger and she does her own thing. Adele; I’m a big fan of really good singers and voices. She has a brilliant voice. We had a little thing that the media blew into a beef between the two of us, but we met at the Grammy’s and it was all love. You can’t pay attention to the media trying to start stuff.”

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