Jason Derulo: A Jack of All Trades

A Jack of all trades, Miami artist, Jason Derulo is a talented singer, songwriter, actor and choreographer. Still riding the wave of success from his self-titled debut album, Derulo is ready to release his follow-up project entitled Future History. Between prepping for its release and being recognized for various awards and honors, Derulo takes the time out to give Singersroom an exclusive interview. Speaking on his album, how dealt with rejection, being considered a Pop artist and even his ultimate deal breaker with women, it is clear to see that this talented 21-year-old has serious aspirations of making a name for himself in this industry. Jason Derulo’s level of absolute devotion and immersion into his craft is one that is sometimes not even seen in seasoned artists. Follow us as we delve deeper into the mind of music’s newest multi-faceted artist.

Singersroom: How has life changed for you since you’ve been catapulted into the spotlight and become a household name?

Jason Derulo: Just people knowing who I am and reacting a certain way once they see me. I don’t think I can ever really get use to that. Like I’ll just be walking around and when people react it’s shocking… like oh shit! [Laughs]

Singersroom: With that being said, has fame finally set in for you or are you still in awe at times at your success and accomplishments?

Jason Derulo: I am always excited when somebody is a fan of my music. My music means everything to me. I love meeting my fans – I love my fans recognizing me so that gives me an opportunity to recognize them. I could never get use to that. This is my life, it’s not just something I do, not just a hobby of mine. So I take pride in everything I do musically.

Singersroom: You are a talented singer, dancer, songwriter and actor – which role are you the most comfortable in?

Jason Derulo: I really love songwriting. I’d have to say songwriting and singing because it gives me the opportunity to be a gateway and a channel. All the messages and song that I write come through me almost as if I’m being used and it’s coming from somewhere else. I feel like music is so important and makes the world a more beautiful place. Without music the world would be so ugly. So for me it’s amazing that I get to do what I love and share that with the world.

Singersroom: In your journey to be discovered, I’m sure some doors were shut in your face. What kept you motivated and encouraged to reach your dreams despite rejection?

Jason Derulo: I’ve never had a door shut in my face [Laughs]. No I’m playing but it’s hard. It’s definitely hard when people keep telling you no over and over. They tell you that you can’t and that it’s impossible. You start to wonder and ask yourself is that the truth. I often thought to myself should I look for something else to do, should I have a back-up plan? But I stuck with it – I stuck with my dream. I got to the point where I was going on auditions for Broadway. I landed the role of Benny in Rent on Broadway and was faced with a huge decision – should I take this role or should I continue the path of the unknown. I took the road less traveled. Even though at that point in my life I wasn’t making crazy money like that, that role would have done wonders for my life because on Broadway you make a pretty good penny. Also at that time, that money would have been amazing but once again I took the road less traveled. I said if I do this, I will be locked into musical theatre and I will always be doing this and become complacent. It takes a lot to really believe in a dream that is not really proven to be possible.

Singersroom: If you had a remote control and could fast forward or put a moment in slow motion what moment in your life would you slow down or fast forward?

Jason Derulo: I would fast forward through Spanish class [Laughs] because it was so hard! But I would definitely slow down winning Songwriter of the Year this year with Lady Gaga. I would slow that down because writing to me is everything. My songs that I write are very important to me. That’s the best award I could have ever won – no award will ever top that one!

Singersroom: How do you feel about being considered a Pop artist? Do you feel like you are being put in a box?

Jason Derulo: Well I think the Pop category is very broad and to be honest all Pop means is ‘popular’. If you think about it Michael Jackson was considered a Pop artist and he had songs that incorporated rock influences and funk influences so the genre is very broad. So I don’t mind being considered a Pop artist. If I had my choice I wouldn’t put a title on it though. The way I see it I make music – that’s it.

Singersroom: Let’s talk about ‘Future History’, as your sophomore album in what ways have you matured in the short time since your first project was released?

Jason Derulo: I was 19 when I wrote and recorded my first album. I have grown more in these past two years than in my whole life. I have traveled the world, I’ve seen so many different places and experienced so much throughout this whole process. Just those things alone have helped me to grow as an artist, a singer, a songwriter and most importantly as a man. I’ve matured and I think my music is always a reflection of who I am so in turn it has made my music more mature. Even the first single ‘Don’t Want to Go Home’ is an upbeat club record. I didn’t have any club songs on my last album because I was 19 and hadn’t really experienced that. I’m really excited for this album. I’ve worked really hard on this record and it’s my greatest accomplishment yet. I’m ready to share it with the world!

Singersroom: What can fans expect from your forthcoming album that was not in your self-titled freshman album?

Jason Derulo: Expect growth – a tremendous amount of growth. There’s been a whole metamorphosis almost from the first album to my second album. You’ll find a lot of emotion on this record – records that are really personal. I would be writing songs in the booth that literally brought me to tears. There are songs on the album that I recorded when I was drunk [Laughs]. I’m 21 now and there are a lot of things going on in my life whether they are positive or negative so I had a lot of things to talk about. The lyrics were just flowing because I had so much in me. There’s something for everyone on this record. It’s a very emotional record but a very fun record at the same time. So it’s a lot of different dimensions and a lot of different faces.

Singersroom: Everyone dubbed you as this amazingly talented newcomer to the industry with the release of your debut album. Do you feel the pressure to top your last album this time around?

Jason Derulo: Not at all. I have no fear and feel no pressure. It’s not about that for me. I’m not someone who cares about what the numbers are. I just really want my fans to enjoy the music I’m bringing to them. I personally feel like this is the best possible album that I could make at this time in my life. I am so excited for that because I feel like you’re getting all of me. You are getting every bit, every ounce of me on this record – not just a piece and that’s exciting to me.

Singersroom: Is there anything that gets on your nerves when you writing a song for artists. We know that you have written songs for Cash Money and P. Diddy. Do you have any pet peeves in the studio?

Jason Derulo: My biggest pet peeve in the studio is a slow engineer. I write in the booth and I don’t use pen so I need someone who’s quick because as the ideas come off the top of my head I need the engineer to be on his toes and record where I need him to record and go back where I need him to go back. If he’s slow it gets on my last nerve. I’m a really nice guy but with a slow engineer I become the biggest jerk.

Singersroom: What is a deal breaker when it comes to women on a date or while you are dealing with a person? (Farting, burping, nail-biting)

Jason Derulo: Ok if you fart it’s done. We can’t even be friends [Laughs]. We can’t be friends, associates, or anything it’s so done. It takes time to build to that level to where she’s comfortable enough to fart near me or where I can hear it. It’s even worse when you can feel it and you’re like ‘what was that vibration?’ or in the pool and you think ‘wait where are these bubbles coming from [Laughs].’

Singersroom: It’s Black Music Month and we want to test your old school skills. We will say a couple names and we would like you to give us a word or phrase that describes these artists.

Jason Derulo:
Marvin Gaye – “He has the silkiest voice ever!”
Prince – “Prince is the definition of having the ‘it’ factor.”
Luther Vandross – “Big Luther or Little Luther [Laughs] no I’m sorry. Well honestly I didn’t have that much Luther experience growing up sadly.”
Teddy Riley – “Wow one of the greatest producers of our time!”
R. Kelly – “R. Kelly is like the best urban R&B singer of our time.” —— By: Interview By Aleta Watson


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