Jake & Papa: Remaining Brothers Over Business

What Lead To Brutha’a Break-up…“Basically our three older brothers decided to move on and do their own thing. We reached a point in our lives where it is like we stop or keep going. [We are] two young men who are driven and still have the dream that we can’t stop; there is no way we can stop. We have to continue to push this dream and put on for our family and put on for this legacy we are trying to create.”

New Business Status With Brothers… “It is all just family now. The business is just Goodfellas and Jake & Papa and Def Jam, that’s it. People can make all the assumptions that they want and make something out of nothing but at the end of the day it comes down to this; the business part aspect of us being brothers and business partners just didn’t work. We are still brothers but we’re not business partners anymore.

I don’t appreciate people saying on the Twitter or on the internet, “Jake & Papa left Brutha.” That is not the case. We were the last members standing in Brutha, we just decided not to use the name Brutha anymore.”

Why Jake & Papa Stayed Together… “Me & Jake were doing stuff since we were four and five years old. Of course we are all brothers but me and Jake grew up a little differently so we did our first talent show together. We had our first group [together], it was actually called Jake & Papa when we were ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen years. Brutha started when we were thirteen and fourteen so basically it started off as Jake & Papa and this is where it is and where it is going to end.”

L.A.’s Reemergence As Capital Of Music… “We love that the music scene has been brought back to L.A. because we love nothing more than west coast music from NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Kurupt & Daz, everybody. We grew up on that music. We kind of had a little dry spell out here with no music popping. It is heavily Hip Hop oriented but we are doing R&B; we have rap homies too. It is beautiful to see the music scene in L.A. period.”

Creatively Separating Jake & Papa From Brutha… “I think the grind is going to separate us, not that we didn’t grind as Brutha cause we did. We were held back a little bit more creatively; right now me and Jake are doing everything our selves. The whole mixtape is written by us with the help of one other person on a couple songs. Everything else is us.”

Favorite L.A. Upcoming Rappers… “Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite rappers right now; he is really doing it. The dude who directs our videos is also a rapper called Phenom. He is ridiculous man; once he gets on he is going to stay until he doesn’t want it. We have this dude on our mixtape named Dubb, he is crazy too.”

Side Hustles…
Papa… “I have a clothing line coming out called Cody Harr. It is something I have always been interested in.”
Jake… “I work out a lot so I train people from time to time. I also write poetry and I have a book of poems coming out really soon.”

Early Comparison to K-Ci & JoJo… “That right there is so humbling for us to even be compared to them, it blows us away. K-Ci & Jojo and Jodeci is stuff we grew up on so in our eyes there legends. For us to be compared to that is great and if we have a fraction of their success, it would be a blessing. Of course we are influenced by them but we are also influenced by Michael Jackson, Donnie Hathaway, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, everybody. We take a little of everybody and make it our own. [I] can’t say we are K-Ci & JoJo exactly because we are two different individuals but we were definitely influenced by them.

How Many Sexual Partner Is Too Much For A Lady…

Jake…I think it depends on the person or depends on what we trying to do with her. Every situation calls for something different. Everybody has a past so whatever she did before may not be who she is now, so you can’t really judge nobody. I don’t think there is really an answer for that.

Papa…Real shit though I had somebody hit me with a smooth little ninety-one one time. I was like wow!!! Needless to say I don’t really talk to her anymore. There is a fine line but damn.

Enjoying The Company of a Less Attractive Woman… “I think we all had that. We are from an area where sometimes you have to deal with that. (laughter) It is not always about the looks. I have been in situations where I had a girl that I clicked with her so good that I didn’t care how she looked. She wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Cheap Date Suggestions… “It is the time to take it back to the 1950s and make an event out of it. I am going to walk to her house an pick her up. Stand on the porch for a little bit and walk to the park for a little picnic.”
—— By: Interview By Adeniyi Omisore


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