How to Enhance Your Inner Glow

Want to achieve a beautiful, glowing complexion? Here are five ways to enhance your glow.

Exfoliate your skin- Find a face exfoliating scrub that’s suited for your skin, and use it at least once a week. Exfoliating your skin will allow you to get rid of dead cells, and make room for the new ones to shine through.

Eat healthy- Drink plenty of water, which will help flush out toxins in your body, and keep your skin hydrated. Also, don’t skimp on fruits and veggies- they’re packed with nutrients that will help give you better-looking skin!

Exercise- Breaking a sweat at the gym or home will get your blood pumping, and help your body produce the healthy minerals and vitamins you need for great skin.

Get enough rest- Yes, there is such a thing as beauty sleep! If you don’t get enough rest, it can wreak havoc on your skin. Getting a full night’s rest will help your body to restore your skin.

Wear bronzer- If you want to fake a fresh, dewy face, swipe bronzer on your face, especially your cheekbones, to highlight your face. Just be sure to choose a bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone.

—— By: Crystal Tate


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