Evan Bogart: Developing Platinum Hits

Songwriter/Producer Evan Bogart shares his experience and expertise with Singersroom on how to become the next big hitmaker just before the debut of his new reality show. Bogart is the executive producer Bravo’s new music competition series “Platinum Hit,” debuts tonight on Monday, May 30th at 10pm and every Monday after. Check out Evan had to say:

The Goal Of “Platinum Hit”… “I am a huge fan of reality television. I am huge fan of music and songwriting. I was trying to find a platform that could show the world just important songwriting is, just important the song is to music. I think that songwriters get over looked. I think there is a whole world out there that people don’t know about (of the songwriting community), that they’re about to know about. People don’t realize without songs there is no voice. Some people the actual process of songwriting was my main motivation.”

The Importance Of Songwriters… “Without songs there is no music business, it’s just business. I don’t think a lot songwriters understand how important we are to record labels and artists. Without us, they don’t have a job. Without us, they don’t have a career. A lot of these artist do write their own stuff, but a lot of the huge artist co-write. They recognize how important collaborations are, to get out their own box. I think songwriters and songwriting are the backbone of this industry.”

What To Expect From First Season Of “Platinum Hit”… “You expect an incredible education into the world songwriting. I am hoping people will be inspired. There is definitely some drama, definitely some love, definitely triumph, definitely some very emotional times. You can expect a wide array of human emotion because that really what goes into writing songs.. You bring your soul, your humanness into a session. I think this is very representative of the songwriting community.”

Advice To Songwriters… “I think the best thing to do when you want to be a songwriter is to write songs. To not wait around for other people. To make it in this business you have to do for yourself. You want to polish yourself. Write songs everyday, study what working on the radio, study what worked for legends in the past. Through writing, I think you will find yourself and find your own sound. Find what works for you. Not every writer can do everything. Find a few different sounds, genres that would enjoy writing and perfect them. Become a master of your craft.”

New Reality Show… “‘Majors and Minors’ is a reality meets variety show. Majors such as Rihanna, Mike Posner, Sean Kingston, Jordin Sparks will come on mentor the minors. More of mentoring show than a competition show. At the end of the show, although there is one winner, all tweleve contestants are on the show for the whole season.” —— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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