Mariah Carey’s Child Protective Services Case Cleared

Mariah Carey has been cleared by the child protection services after preliminary interviews. The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) have concluded there is no merit to the investigation that original stemmed from complaints that Carey was drinking beer while breastfeeding.

According to TMZ, the DCFS social workers have concluded the twins are in a healthy and safe environment after interviewing Carey and spending time with the babies. Carey’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, was also present at the meeting.

As previously reported, Carey was told by a nurse to drink dark beer to help with her breastfeeding. Carey admittedly told the social workers she drank the Guiness only after she was told to do so.

Her husband, Nick Cannon, commented on the matter in an interview with Piers Morgan before, explaining, “It all started when a nurse suggested to my wife that if you drink Guinness, the dark beer, the yeast improves breastfeeding. I don’t know if someone heard that, but then they were saying my wife was drinking beer. People will do anything to try to conjure up a story.”

Carey and Cannon welcomed their first set of twins, baby girl Monroe and baby boy Moroccan, on April 30th at a Los Angeles medical facility at about noon EST.