Jill Scott’s Way! 5 Reasons You Should Rock Her Haircut!

For years, Jill Scott has swooned us with her sweet melodic voice, pretty face, and empowering lyrics. Now she has forced our eyes to turn green with envy as she flaunts her new ‘do. From natural, to curls, to straight weaves and braids, Jill has been around the hair world twice. Her latest motif is a funky short cut that is shaved on both sides and longer in the front. This spiky coif is enough for her to gain yet our millionth approval. What deems her ‘do doable? For starters, she has a fun, positive, down-to-earth attitude, and she’s not afraid of change. Looking for a new cut? Here are five reasons you should rock it:

It’s trendy. While everyone is not a trend follower, it is still relevant to maintain a trendy appearance so as not to appear dated. Mixing current trends with your personal style is the equation for uniqueness. First impressions are lasting and your appearance plays a major role aside from personality.

Low maintenance.
Contrary to most short cuts, Jill’s is low maintenance because of the texture and length. This style does not require heavy heat, curls, or extreme straightening. Keeping moisture prevalent and your finger tips ready for spiking, you’ll be content with this no fuss ‘do.

Can be worn natural or relaxed. With the constant recent battle of natural vs. relaxed hair, a short style may have left you perplexed. With her style though, bone straight or kinky are all strands of the same thread. This cut maintains its chicness be it natural or relaxed.

Can be played up or down. The advantages of longer hair may include the ability to have big, bouncy hair, or a slicked back ponytail. This ability to play it up or down sometimes is the deciding factor on if you will go under the shears. Jill’s cut once again rescues us from doubt. The uneven, jagged cut can be played up with mousse and/or wax or played down with a ceramic iron. Either way your destined for a fierce mane.

It makes a statement. Jill’s funky mane makes a statement loud enough to hear down the street. It takes courage to chop off your hair and wear what’s left proudly. Your attitude, confidence, and demeanor all play a significant part in your choice of hairstyle. If in fact you decide to scissor, make sure it’s a decision comfortable for you, and not anyone else.

While longer hair is desired and ultimately beautiful, its always fun to add a little spice. Don’t be afraid to do it Jill’s way! —— By: JournalisticChic


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