Heather Victoria: Hip Hop Soul

Many artists are lost before they start because they do not know what direction to take but Heather Victoria does not have that problem. She plans on merging on the grit of Hip Hop production and the soul of R&B that was reminiscent in the early 90’s. Heather Victoria signed with music producer 9th Wonder’s IWW Music Group; now they are working on capturing her Hip Hop Soul vision.

Working With Professor and Label Boss… “It is really helpful working with somebody who is not just a beat maker. With 9th [Wonder] being the boss man and with him being somebody who is really educated, who will pop in, he is not just someone who thinks he knows what he is talking about all the time. It is really helpful. He is always good with guidance. If there is anything I don’t understand he is there to lay it out and help me out a little bit.”

A Different Path… “Particularly, I feel that though people aren’t quite understanding the sound I am producing, it is capturing people because it is something that they are not use to hearing. I am trying to create my own lane. I am trying to set myself apart from what is already out there.”

Mary J. Blige A Role Model… “The whole album ‘What’s The 411?’ and “You Remind Me” all those songs that is what made me become a die hard Mary J. fan. Even when I was young, ever since then I kind of latched to her and her sound.”

Grabbing A Persons Ear… “I feel like storytelling is definitely a part of Hip Hop and when you tell stories in your music you tend to grab the listener a little bit more and get a little bit more personal with it. That is where I am going for with my music; to really reach out to the listener. I want people to really be able to relate to what I am saying, I don’t want them to scan through the song and say “she has a nice little voice.” I want them to say “Wow, she is really talking about something.”

Rapping Was Secondary… “I tried to rap and it didn’t work out. I can write but I don’t think I have the voice for it. It’s just not me. I don’t want to be that. I’m scared I’ll do it and people like it and there going to want more.”

Top 5 Hip Hop MCs Right Now… “Jay-Z, Nas, J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli”

A Daughter’s Promise… “I always made a promise to myself and my dad especially that I would finish school…School is something I knew I was not going to stop and if I was going to do school I wanted to at least combine it with what I want to do as far as music goes.”

Balancing of School & Music… “It has been really difficult because sometimes I have to go to class; I can’t stay in the studio as long as I want to…With me trying to keep up with school, homework, and getting papers done and trying to do music and work on my project. sometimes it slows me down a little bit but at the end of the day I put myself in turbo mode especially when I am working on a particular project. I have to get that undergrad and I will be done in December.”

9th Wonder’s Words of Advice… “He always told all of us that he didn’t get into this game for the money or the fame or anything like that; you have to do it because you love it, if you are doing it for any other reasons there is no guarantee it is going to work out for you.”

Overcoming Obstacles & Hearing “No”… “I would go else where or take another path. I try not to let things discourage me or push me down; I just use it as motivation. People have made it to the top; I have seen the floor too.” —— By: Interview By AO


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