About Face: Jessie J

As British sensation Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J invades the pop world, she brings a bold, unique style to complement her rich, sultry voice. Her risk-taker makeup mentality leaves an irresistible taste in your mouth with an eagerness to model. With a chiseled face, almond eyes, and a curvy mouth she oozes provocative. However, after witnessing her playful persona and contagious laugh, you instantly fall in love with her. Only if you dare, consider the following products to achieve this sexy, gothic-like face:

Face: For a smooth flawless face apply with a sponge Bare Minerals SPF 20 concealer to cover any blemishes, lines, or spots you may have. Follow up by brushing on Bare Minerals SPF 15 foundation. This foundation resembles powder but feels like cream leaving you with a smooth finish.

Eyes: Jessie’s dramatic eye can be imitated by first using Manic Panic’s eye pencil in the color Raven. Line the entire eye. Next, apply Revlon’s Luxurious Color Perle eyeshadow to the lid and sparingly underneath the eye feathering out past the corner of the eye to form a triangular point. Complete the eye with Tarina Tarantino Feur De Lash mascara in Black Opal which will leave your eyelashes long and thick.

Lips: Line your lips with a black lip pencil of your choice to define and curve the outline of your lips. Saturate your lips with Manic Panic lipstick in Raven. This lipstick is frequently used by goths, so you know you’re getting the best of the best of black lipsticks. If your feeling artistic like Jessie J, try creating a design on your lips i.e. rose, heart, star, etc. To achieve, use a 210 Precise eyeliner brush by MAC and Fluidline by MAC which is a gel-like formula that assist in design creations and has the precision of liquid liner.

As an added bonus:

Log onto www.violentlips.com to temporarily rock a vitamin enhanced tattoo printed or glittered lip. This 3 minute application leaves you with a 4-8 hour pout without the bothersome of sticky jewels. The tattoo can be removed with baby or mineral oil. This lip that will definitely place you at the center of attention. Are you ready? Be bold, be brave, be beautiful!
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