Omarion Takes False Reports About Him Personal, Talks Experimenting

Former B2K member Omarion has definitely withstood the test of times in today’s fickle music industry. Now at the helm of his own independent company, StarrWorld Entertainment, Omarion is looking to take his career to new heights and his newly released mixtape, ‘The Awakening,’ is a step into that new phase of his career.

“I’ve done so much. The game has changed so much, especially from what I’ve known it to be. When you start in the game as young as I did, a lot of people, I think that they forget, I was working,” Omarion told GlobalGrind. “I was making music, I was being a business man and to come from that place and fast forward to now where the person behind the computer can be just as famous as the person behind the ground work, I’ve had to change my perspective.”

With over a decade of experience under his belt, the 26-year-old is hoping that his free gift to fans will sway them from “forgetting” his commitment to his art. In addition, the R&B crooner understands that to be successful, he has to be competitive, which means more experimentation. “I had to say ‘wait a minute, hold up!’ singers are rappers, rappers are singers, if you don’t do everything, someone might take your place. You have to kind of do everything in order to compete,” says Omarion of the new project that sees him rapping.

Along with giving his fans new music, Omarion used the new project to address rumors. “Really because of the Internet and because of blogging, the public opinion is changed. Somebody can write behind a computer and say something about somebody that’s not even true. If it trickles down and it has a tumbleweed affect, a whole bunch of people believe it and it’s so unfortunate,” he says.

He continues, “You take it a little bit more personal when you’re someone like me, or someone that’s an artist that’s only really spoke positivity…you don’t hear [about] me going out and smacking people but that’s the type of press that people pay attention to. I really hope to enforce at some point in time in my career with young people, that it’s important to get accurate knowledge.”

In withstanding the test of times, the BET Award winner says he has maintained his public image because of his realism.

“I don’t think it’s an on camera thing, I think people would like to think that it is. If you’re not living it, aside from the he say, she say, this is who Omarion is,” he says. “It’s really hard to sit down with my team and for them to give me suggestions on how to not say what I feel. There’s a part of the game where you really have to be prepared to talk about certain things but to answer your question, I think you really have to leave it in God’s hands. I believe that if you’re really smart, if you really know the difference between what looks right and what is right, I think you have to then put it in perspective for yourself. That’s a personal choice. I would just stay stick to your guns, stick to who you are, pay attention to your surroundings and remain positive because there’s always going to be all different kinds of people to take you off your goal, but I feel like what’s a career without that?”

Listen to Omarion’s new mixtape ‘The Awakening’ HERE


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