Tene Williams: The Come Back

Your Love Completes… I don’t want people thinking you need someone to complete you but at the end of the day we do have someone special in our lives that complete us as a person, like children or a husband. We need more love songs like Charlie Wilson’s “You Are” that song is incredible.

Bravery Can Be Inspirational… The title came from a song on the album called ‘Brave,’ it pretty much talks about how we talk about how we celebrate firefighters, police officers who we should celebrate because their brave. But there are also people that go threw heart conditions, life or death issue, and made up in there mind that there gonna fight it and that takes a brave stand, and we wanted to celebrate that.

Household Icons… My grandmother, known as the “Lady with the Golden Voice,”” was a radio promoter in Ohio who was inducted in the radio hall of fame. She used to bring in the bands and I used to be the opening acts for a lot of artists. It was inspirational to see a businesswomen go after what she wanted. Also my uncle, Howard, was my icon in regards to music.

The Comeback… I always had that hunger to make a comeback with my daughter growing up and listing to music now. I felt like it was a great time to make a comeback with the support cast I have.

HLIC aka Head Lady In Charge … As the president, I do have a lot of freedom. During the time off I learned the business in and out even though it changed. I was still able to mix the old with the new and be able to be true to the artist I am.

Back to the Future… I pretty much did hip hop music starting out but it wasn’t really me as an artist. Today you’re getting more of me as an artist. You will get more of the love songs and the balance.

Inspirational Divas… Some people I look up to and admire are Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and Natalie Cole. These are people worth listing to.

I remember When… I remember when I was three years old and my mom use to play Natalie Cole and all those other artists I would get on the floor and cry because of the vibrations. My mom would turn the music off and come check on me. I would put my hands up and let her know to keep playing. When I look back I realize these were the moments fostered my passion for good singing.

Book of my Experiences… My book is called ‘Don’t Do It,’ I started it five months ago. It talks about coming up in music under my grandmother and uncle. When Howard would come into town he would bring in artists and let me sit and chat with them. After going through the ups and downs in music I realized there’s always another opportunity to get back on your feet.

Family Ties… For a long time we always talked about what kind of song could we do because it was little weird doing a love song with your uncle. Now we finally found a song to do called “That Real R&B.”

Next Diva… Tiffany Evans… I love everything about her and what she stands for.

—— By: Interview By Malcolm Masai


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