Rob A.: Aspire to Inspire

On The Status Of Chris Brown’s Writing Team, Graffiti Artists: “The Graffiti Artists is always something that is there. Chris created that. I was blessed to be apart of that. It became so popular internally, we never got it together. There was no real commitment to the whole Graffiti Artists thing.

His Transition From Songwriter To Artist: “When you have a reputation as a writer, people still note you for your writing ability and they still want your work. So when you write songs for yourself, there comes a point where you have to slightly be selfish. That’s one of the things that spawned the whole RoBellion concept. Most people don’t know that I was an artist first before I got into the business of writing songs for other people. It was just one of those things that kind of happened along the way when I moved to Los Angeles.

Breaking Down His RoBellion Movement: “I am basically building up my rebel followers. RoBellion stands for people who are different. They have motives of things they want to do but they can’t do them. I want to be that voice uplifting other songwriters who can’t be artist because the industry puts them in that box. I am trying to be the Professor X of our generation. Sometimes you have to rebel to get people to respect you.”

On His Songwriting Versus His Artistry: “Being a songwriter nowadays, you make a good amount of money. There is no real money in being an artist. I don’t make it about the money but you got to pay bills. I would chose to be an artist over a writer because it’s the ability to be a front man and have people to follow what I have to say. Even as a writer, I feel like I am not directly able to reach the people and be a spokesperson.”

On The Leakage Of His Music: “There are people who actually leak the songs on purpose and then people who are oblivious to the fact their music are getting leaked behind the scenes. My music is never leaked directly from my email. That was another thing that actually broke apart the GraffittiArtistz, slighty. Nobody knew how the songs were getting leaked.The whole hacking thing is definitely something that changed music. There are songs that got out and weren’t suppose to get out.”

His Expectations For His Career As An Artist: “My expectation is definitely to change the game. For people to realize that there is some real talent out there that they’re overlooking. I feel I am going to open people’s eyes to a different perspective of music. I feel like I am going to be someone to be reckoned with; I am going to raise the stakes and raise the bar. I want to see people be more creative. I want to aspire to inspire.”

—— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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