K. Michelle: Storyteller of Woman Issues

Singersroom: So you’re one of the nominees for Singersroom’s ‘NextDiva.’ The term diva differs for each person and has changed throughout time. How do you define diva, and what is your example of a diva?

K. Michelle: I think a diva is more based on talent. It’s based on someone that can really sing. There’s a lot of divas that can really standoff today and hold a note. I think nowadays we get it twisted as what a diva really is; a diva isn’t about a mentality that you think you sing good, [but rather] it’s actually that you can sing good.

Singersroom: Being a diva is almost like being a role model, and you have been vocal about being a single mother and your own past “abusive situation.” What are some issues you think that young ladies face today that you want to shed out a positive light on?

K. Michelle: Well I think a lot of issues that women face today are [revolved] low self-esteem and things like that. It’s not just being ladies and women. I feel like nowadays, women feel like they have to give up sex easily [and] do a lot of different things in order to keep a man’s attention or just anybody’s attention. Those are some specific issues that I think there are important.

Singersroom: You’ve been doing shows throughout the states… As a performer, how are you able to reach the young ladies out there that can be the potential divas of tomorrow?

K. Michelle: When I sing, I tend to do storytelling. I tell exactly what it is that I’m going through and where this song came from. I meet a lot of women and I speak to them a lot about domestic violence and what they need to do. How they need to walk away because you’ll never make it to your full potential of being a diva or being a star if you stay in an abusive relationship.

I’m currently working with the National Network To End Domestic Violence as their spokesperson. So I’m going to be doing a lot with young people coming up soon.

Singersroom: When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you think it’s different from how others might perceive you?

K. Michelle: I see myself. I’m really not that normal R&B clean-cut “can’t say anything” type of artist that is groomed really well. They tried to put me through it, but I don’t do that. Basically when I look in the mirror, I see me. I see a woman who has been through a lot and has survived a lot. If I have something in my heart to say, I genuinely say it. There isn’t a big degree of separation between Kimberly Pate and K. Michelle as an artist.

Singersroom: Some people chase for fame and others chase for power. As a young black woman, what do you chase for? What’s your goal? What do you think your ultimate purpose is?

K. Michelle: I chase for happiness because by not having a lot of money at times, you have to [learn to] find inner-peace. I’m looking to be at a place where nothing moves me but positivity, and nothing penetrates my soul but positivity. Those are the things that I drive for. I want a family and I want to make sure all my immediate family is good.

Singersroom: Shifting gears, let’s talk about your debut “Pain Medicine”. What’s the current status of it at the moment?

K. Michelle: At this point, we’re waiting. Right now, my buzz is really picking up for me and we’re trying to find the right time. Honestly, I’ve already somewhat started on a new album. It’s just up to Jive when they want to release it when the time is right for the album.

Singersroom: What else is in store for K Michelle this year?

K. Michelle: Um, I’m going to get married this year.

Singersroom: Really?

K. Michelle: Um, I’m planning it. [Laughs] I don’t have a ring or anything, but I’m being really positive; I’m thinking it’s too expensive. [Laughs] But I’m going to be working a lot as usual, and I have a release date in the works. You’ll probably have that announced in about a month. So you’ll be seeing me soon.

—— By: Interview By Connie Tang


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