Avery Sunshine: Audio Therapist

Singer-songwriter, Avery Sunshine’s strong sultry vocals can only be matched by her soulful lyrics. This Next Diva’s candidate prides herself on the realness and being relatable. “Everything that I sing comes from a very real place!” Behind her infectious laughter and lighthearted nature is a humble woman eager to share her voice with the world. Avery Sunshine brings her eclectic blend of jazz, gospel, neo-soul, and R&B as she sits down with Singersroom to tell us why she is the Next Diva.

Singersroom: How do you feel to be amongst artists such as Marsha Ambrosius, Chrisette Michele, Janelle Monae, and Jazmine Sullivan for Singersroom’s Next Divas contest?

Avery Sunshine: Wow! I looked on Twitter and I saw it and said, ‘What’s going on?’ I clicked on the link and saw a little bit about myself and then under that I saw all these people and thought, ‘Did they mean to put me in there?’ [Laughs]. I’m clearly humbled by it and I’m honored to be their company. I definitely am.

Singersroom: Why Avery Sunshine?

Avery Sunshine: I feel like I work hard! I’m grinding the best I can. The first couple weeks that my album was out it made No. 93 on Billboard Top 100. So I consider that to be a great accomplishment. I deserve this because I am a hardworker.

Singersroom: There are fans who know you from the beginning of your career on the Atlanta soul circuit and other music lovers who are just now getting to know you. What is something important you want people to know about you from the moment they listen to your songs?

Avery Sunshine: That I am real. Everything that I sing comes from a very real place. I hope to be exactly what you see. What you hear – that’s all me. I want people to feel good, I want people to feel better. If I’m talking about some of the stuff I’ve been through then that can even make people feel better because they know they aren’t going through it by themselves. I just want people to feel better when they hear my music.

Singersroom: What musical influences – famous or otherwise – do you attribute your style to?

Avery Sunshine: All of the greats: Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Michael McDonald. My music education started at home. I was fortunate to have parents that loved great music. I don’t think they even noticed what they were doing because neither of them are musicians. They had an ear for really good music. I would attribute everything that I am to all that was poured into me. Oh and I can’t leave out Gladys Knight, Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Clark Sisters, and The Winans!

Singersroom: I have a quote from you that says, “I am a self-proclaimed therapist!” Do you believe that should be the goal in every artist’s music?

Avery Sunshine: I don’t know if I would say that because everyone serves a purpose. I know there are people whose purpose is to tap dance, do back flips, or pull fire from their mouths. Your purpose may not be the same as mine but you should have a purpose. I know that my purpose is to be a therapist by way of being honest, real, and telling about myself. But that is not everyone’s call. Whatever an artist does, there should be a clear reason and purpose for doing what you’re doing.

Singersroom: I know you went to Spelman College. If it weren’t for music, what career path would you have taken and why?

Avery Sunshine: I have no idea! [Laughs] That is so hilarious. You know what? I would probably be a teacher. I have a love-hate relationship with kids and it’s crazy because I’m a mother. But I would definitely be a teacher in any age group!

—— By: Interview By Aleta Watson


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