Marsha Ambrosius Talks Getting Caught Up in The Luxury Of The Music Business, Becoming Lackadaisical

Having worked with the likes of Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Busta Rhymes, and even the late Michael Jackson, Marsha Ambrosius is most notably known as the former member of the English R&B duo Floetry. Despite much delays, the singer/songwriter finally released her debut album as a solo artist in March 2011. Her singles off of the project include “Hope She Cheats On You” and “Far Away,” which included a controversial video regarding the violence amongst homosexuals.

Of the new project, Ambrosius tells Singersroom “I’m really kinda getting back to what was me prior to being in the public eye.”

So what was the old Marsha…Here is what she tells Singersroom Exclusively:

“For me, I haven’t at all. I’m really kinda getting back to what was me prior to being in the public eye. Because what the music industry does to you is offer you everything for free, such as your rider. And when you’re an artist, you request what you want for in venues, what you want in dressing rooms, what you want in the studio.. And for me, I exhausted every possibility as far as that was concerned and I got very, very selfish. So it wasn’t a healthy option. It was the unhealthy option because I was so hyped to be in America that it was cheese steaks, that it was pizza, hot wings, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, more pizza, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Burger King; this is all in one day. This is all because I was so excited to be out here and image was never really a concern as far as getting a deal. The music drove what was my career versus image. So when you get caught up in the luxury of that, you can become lackadaisical.. And I did. And I knew that. Because prior to being in the industry, I was a basketball player. The only reason why I don’t play is because I tore a ligament so my plan B was music. But with that is the same eating habit as a basketball player without working out.

[Laughs] Hence the weight gain and then me getting just really comfortable with just having to play a backseat to whom I am as a person because I had compromised opinion; I was in a group situation where I don’t have to be in the forefront. I can just sing the songs and go back to the studio, write the music, sing the songs… and it’s just my late nights and early mornings were very unhealthy back then. So getting to where I am now was just getting back to me and not lying to myself about being comfortable. No pressure whatsoever from outside sources. It was really a conscious decision to get right. With that came weight loss, and people were like “oh my gosh you lost so much weight” but without really seeing me in the public eye since what was 2005, 2006. It was years later. I didn’t lose weight overnight. I didn’t have gastric bypass surgery. I did Weight Watchers from 2004 through now, which implement a point system that gives you a calorie count based on your weight. And it’s worked. Clearly. [Laughs]And I’m just rolling with it.”

Currently, Marsha is performing throughout U.S. on the BET Music Matters Tour with Melanie Fiona to promote her debut album. She will be following this tour by joining Jill Scott’s tour this summer.

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