Jim Jones Talks New Album, Favorite R&B Songs, Diva, More

Dipset leader Jim Jones gave Singersroom an exclusive as he preps his fifth studio album, CAPO, which will be in stores April 5th. He discusses his favorite R&B artists, what makes a diva, turning down his own reality show and much more.

The new album CAPO… This is that bounce back album. When I’m saying bounce back I mean we’re in a midst of a recession. When you’re trying to bounce back you got to hustle harder. When you hustle, you got to be aggressive so I’m going in.

Influence of Harlem’s culture in his music… Just everything about it. Harlem is the home of the flash. All I seen was fast cars, fly girls, players with money; very stylish. It was infectious in Harlem. You couldn’t help but follow tradition.

Some of his favorite R&B artists… Ralph Tresvant, R. Kelly, Aaron Hall, Trey Songz, Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, SWV, Total, Boyz II Men.

Summer cookouts R&B classics… That joint from the movie with Tommy Davidson where he plays a stockbroker. (Strictly Business) Jeff Redd- You Told & Called Me. That one still go crazy.

A Diva in his eyes… A diva before anything starts is a responsible lady that handle business before everything else. Then of course the splash, sexiness, high heels comes after but responsibility is most important. You got a lot of girls out here that look sexy and put in your mind that they are diva but you get in their house they have nothing together.

A upcoming diva in his eyes… Keyshia Cole. You can’t get “diva” out of everybody but I think Keyshia Cole is on that wave.

Chrissy being on the Love and Hip Hop reality show… Dope. I love the fact that she has the opportunity to make some money. Take it to a whole other level.

On turning down his own reality show… Love & Hip Hop is my reality show. I didn’t want to do a reality show. VH1 has been trying to get to do a show for the past 4 years. I denied them every time because I didn’t like how the pilot was shot. It was too much of me and I don’t like too much people knowing everything about me. Mystic goes a long way in this game. My lady (Chrissy) had a opportunity to be apart of a pilot and she didn’t go the way she liked but she took interest to it. So we had a meeting and told them, if they could make a show to surround her lifestyle I’ll be apart of it. Whatever I can do to make it successful, that’s the only way they could get a show with Jim Jones. —— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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