Timothy Bloom Talks New EP and The Inspiration Behind ‘Til the End of Time’

Raw talent – that is the only way to describe R&B newcomer Timothy Bloom. His debut single “Til the End of Time” featuring the alluring vocals of V. Bozeman, has been climbing the charts at an alarming rate. The accompaniment of the sensual yet simplistic video for the song only adds to his success. The hit new artist gives Singersroom an in-depth interview to discuss his upcoming album and EP, his unique sound, and the song that’s on everyone’s lips.

Singersroom: “Til the End of Time” is an enchanting song with very sultry lyrics. What was your inspiration behind the lyrics for this track?

Timothy Bloom: Well, the inspiration for that song happened last year. I was going through a depression stage. I got a phone call from an ex of mine saying that she had a dream that I passed away, then my brother called me saying he had a dream that I got hit by a train. It was just a lot of darkness going on at that time in my life. So I picked up my guitar and V. Bozeman was there and the song just came out of nowhere. It came out because I was in that moment and V. Bozeman was there at the right time.

Singersroom: In the video for “Til the End of Time” you managed to make it sensual and at the same time very tasteful. Why did you think this approach would be the best visual representation of what your lyrics express?

Timothy Bloom: It was just a raw form. Sort of a rebirth of life I felt – to even put ourselves in that position. The song really just created that atmosphere of purity and love.

Singersroom: “Til the End of Time” displays a strong essence of black love – was this the goal?

Timothy Bloom: That wasn’t the goal at all actually. You can say black love because we are black in the video but for me it was more of a rebirth of life and just love period. I believe love has no color. I know people may see it as black love but to me it was just love.

Singersroom: The booming voice of V. Bozeman only adds to the intensity of the song and video. Why was she a perfect choice for what you were trying to do?

Timothy Bloom: We’ve been working together for a really long time now – we’ve performed together and she’s a part of my band. I’m working on her project right now too so it was really just the perfect moment in time and she’s just a great person and great individual.

Singersroom: Your EP “The Budding Rose” is out. How does the title describe you at this moment?

Timothy Bloom: With “The Budding Rose” we just wanted to tie together marketing-wise the EP and the actual album “In Full Bloom.” We just wanted to keep everything consistent with what we were doing.

Singersroom: In your debut album “In Full Bloom,” which will become available later this year, what artists were you able to work with? And what artists are you looking forward to collaborating with in the future?

Timothy Bloom: At this moment there haven’t been any collaborations on the album. Everything has been written and produced by me thus far. I don’t really have anyone in mind to work with in the future but if there was anybody it would be Bono.

Singersroom: You seem so passionate when you sing about love, did you have any life changing experiences?

Timothy Bloom: Yea! The birth of my two kids was definitely life changing for me. Also, there was a time where I almost lost my life – I almost had a minor heart attack. I just wake up every morning thankful. As far as the physical aspect I’m just trying to take care of myself and being more mindful of what I put in my body.

Singersroom: Your voice and sound is refreshing but still manages to have elements of classic soul and R&B. To what do you attribute your unique sound?

Timothy Bloom: Growing up in the church is number one. For a while that’s all I could listen to was gospel and country gospel music. Then I strayed away and began listening to a lot of rock influences, folk influences, R&B, and sounds like that. So I just wanted to infuse those elements that I grew up listening to. My favorite singers were always Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, and those type of cats because they had tone and texture.

Singersroom: You have been under the radar for quite some time, at what point did you decide to step from behind the scenes?

Timothy Bloom: To be honest with you, I didn’t know this was going to happen. I feel like everything in life happens for a reason and I think right now is the perfect time for my craft to be exposed to the world.

Singersroom: As a new artist, what kind of impression do you want to make with music lovers?

Timothy Bloom: I want them to understand that I’m a music lover just like them. And to know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
—— By: Interview By Aleta Watson


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