Beyonce Defends Sexy Heat Commercial, ‘I Don’t Regret It’

After various naysayers slammed Beyonce’s Heat perfume commercial for being “too” sexy for U.K. TV, the R&B superstar recently defended the ad, insisting she has no regrets.

In the clip, which was banned by officials at the Advertising Standards Authority in November (10), Beyonce is featured lying in a bathtub and seductively stroking her chest. But Beyonce won’t let a little ban discourage her and she admits its kind of “funny.”

“I wasn’t annoyed, I thought it was funny. Personally, I don’t think my ad was any more crazy sexy than other ads out there – I loved it, despite whatever anyone else thought,” Beyonce tells Cosmopolitan UK magazine. “It was based on a really hot George Michael video and yes, it was sexy, but then you have to think about what you’re doing. It was for my fragrance and I believe a wonderful fragrance brings out the sex appeal in a woman. That was what I was trying to express. I don’t regret it.”


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