Lloyd Speaks on Patti LaBelle, Relationships and Why He’s the ‘King of Hearts’

In between the rising success of “Lay It Down” and “Let’s Get It In”, R&B sensation Lloyd takes the time out to give Singersroom an exclusive interview. The confidence and determination of this superstar cannot be denied and “King of Hearts” is the proof. He assures us this is his “best work to date” and fans will surely be pleased.

Singersroom: How are you planning to cater to the ladies during your Love Faces tour with Trey Songz?

Lloyd: By wearing the least amount of clothes as possible. It seems to work every time.

Singersroom: By pushing back your album what extras will your listeners be able to enjoy?

Lloyd: They will be able to enjoy a second video. They will also be able to enjoy some exclusive releases that I am going to make between now and the album release time. It’s funny how time flies, and we just want to make sure that people really have a chance to understand why this album is so great in the first place. It really is my best work to date. Anytime that you are working with a mindset or in the early stages of releasing what you consider a masterpiece, you want to make sure everything is right and all the stars are aligned. I think time is very valuable. Being able to have time to do things the right way is really a luxury – its just good that we can afford that luxury.

Singersroom: What was your inspiration for the name of the upcoming album “King of Hearts?”

Lloyd: One, because I am the King of Hearts. Two, the music we were making was really forward and cocky without being arrogant. It’s really confident and you have to be confident in your abilities to please the opposite sex.

Singersroom: Have you ever experienced heartbreak and what is your best advice for dealing with it?

Lloyd: Luckily, I’m the heartbreaker. Which probably works in my favor when it comes to those kind of things. But yea, I have experienced a little bit of it and I know it’s not a good feeling.

Singersroom: For many people music can get you through tough situations, especially matters of the heart. What songs, if any, got you through past relationships?

Lloyd: Well there’s actually a song on my album called “Since You Left Me”. It’s basically how Beyonce had “Irreplaceable” which was her anthem of heartbreak – mine is “Since You Left Me”. Since you left me, I’ve been hanging out with the fellas and doing my own thing. The thing that hurts the most is that the person doesn’t realize that you are a good man or good woman and you just want them to see that.

Singersroom: Why did you choose “Lay It Down” to be the first single released from the album?

Lloyd: Because it’s a great song. You have to really dig deep in order to perform that song. I just knew it was something that would wake people up. There’s so much on the radio now to choose from that you want to have something that stands out and grabs people’s attention very early.

Singersroom: Why did you choose to feature Patti LaBelle on “Lay It Down Pt. II” and how was your experience working with such an iconic singer?

Lloyd: I felt like Patti would make it “hater-free”. Everyone always has an opinion about music. Sometimes in being so opinionated they don’t respect the fact that it really is a gift to be able to make good music. You just want to find a way to make people respect it at the same time. I just think that by having Patti, it definitely brought a different appreciation to the song.

Singersroom: In the song LaBelle is singing more from a mother perspective – how has your own mother helped you with advice in this area?

Lloyd: Yea, my mom definitely is a wonderful woman. At the same time there was some growing up to do on her end. So just being there to witness that definitely helped out a lot.

Singersroom: “Let’s Get It In” is your newest single release from the upcoming album. In playing off the words from your song, “I wish I had time to get to know you but I don’t. I wish I could be here in the morning but I won’t. So lets get it in girl”. Do you feel that making that move hinders you from getting to know someone?

Lloyd: No, because sometimes that’s what people want. Sometimes they don’t want all the holding hands, the lovey dovey and the romantic stuff. Sometimes they want honesty, truth, and transparency. In today’s society I would rather have someone who was transparent so I know who I’m dealing with than someone who lies about what they want and I find out the hard way. So I think there is something to be admired about just being honest with yourself and with your partner.

Singersroom: With Valentine’s Day is coming up, all the ladies want to know what are your plans for your special someone?

Lloyd: Well I’ll be on tour that day. So I’ll be doing something special for the ladies at my show and the fans. Definitely!

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