Lonny Bereal: The Complete Artist

Since the release of his single “Don’t Play With It” featuring hip hop veteran Busta Rhymes and R&B juggernaut Chris Brown, everyone has been asking who is Lonny Bereal? Lonny is an award-winning writer, producer, and recording artist who sung backup and has written for artists such as Jamie Foxx, Tank, Kelly Rowland, Ruben Studdard, K-Ci & JoJo, and Teddy Riley.

Singersroom: Explain your journey as a songwriter, producer and artist.

LB: The journey has been a long one. Shout out to Tank; he helped me get started from the beginning being a writer. I always wanted to be a singer. Tank ushered me into the writing game which just opened up a lot of doors because when I was writing I was focusing for me. I got my first placement on Dave Hollister’s Real Talk album, I got four placements on there; I actually got started

Singersroom: What makes you a “Complete Artist?”

LB: I am self contained. I can go to the studio and do what I need to do with nobody having to coach me. Even when I get to the stage, it’s like a home court for me now because I’ve done the live thing for so long, for so many people and had the opportunity to sit back and watch how they do it. I’ve studied the Steve Wonders, the Marvin Gayes, the R. Kellys, the Aaron Halls, the Teddy Rileys, the Joes, the Tanks. I’ve done my homework and I have a great sense of where music is going; the formula to success from the forefathers. The diversity of Lonny Bereal is being incredible, that is what makes me a complete artist.

Singersroom: What do you enjoy more? Songwriting, producing or performing?

LB: I will have to say performing. I love performing. Behind that would be songwriting. The thing I don’t like to do the most is vocal producing. But I am so good at it, I get called to do it a lot. It’s so time consuming. For the most part, I love being on the stage, I love hearing the crowd scream, I love watching the crowd sing my lyrics. Getting the chance to touch people, give love back to the people that love me.

Singersroom: How are the feedbacks from your “Don’t Play With It” record with Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown?

LB: It’s crazy, actually Busta was like “I’m gonna leak the record.” I was a little scared feeling like we need the major push. The next day it was on Hot 97 in New York. The feedback is incredible. 95% of the comments people are loving it. It’s a great feeling, I’m just hoping it can be a chart topper. I am talking to Jamie Foxx now about directing the video. So I am excited.

Singersroom: How did you hook up with Busta Rhymes’ The Conglomerate movement?

LB: Busta and I been running into each other for years. But I actually hooked up with Busta last year, which was the turning point. Jamie Foxx had called me and told me “Lonny I need you, I gotta do this song for Busta for his album.” Busta was so impresses with the song I had done. Busta told me, “I’m tired of seeing me making everybody show hot and everybody album hot, it’s time to do your own thing playboy. I just want to see you win.” From that conversation paperwork came about, we went back and forth a month or two and now it’s history.

Singersroom: Who is your favorite artist to collab with? To perform with?

LB: My favorite to collab with is Chris Brown. We have a chemistry where we just work so well together and everything happens quick. We feed off each other, whether it be vocally or the next line to come with. We collab the best. As far as being on stage, it’s kinda hard because I love being on stage with Tank and I love being on stage with Jamie as well. I think with Jamie, he’s all fun. There is never no stress. In his show, I may do 4 or 5 solos in his concert where I am upstage with him. Tank is fun from a musician standpoint because me and Tank come from the same school of music. We come from the same church background, we studied the same singers growing up. I am like a younger version of him musically.

Singersroom: Are there any upcoming records you are working on?

LB: I got three records on the new Ginuwine album coming out. Helping Pleasure P wrap up his album now. I got three on Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E album. I been in the studio with Kelly Rowland. Working on my album ‘Love Train.’

Singersrom: What is next for Lonny Bereal?

LB: After the Love Train album, I have the Love Game Part 2 mixtape. Me and Trey are talking about opening his tour. Jamie wants me to open on his tour. I am trying to do it all.
—— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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