Jeremih Speaks On Intimacy, Love, and Bedroom Music

Chi-Town has given the music industry lyrical heavyweights like R. Kelly, Kanye West, Common, and many more. Now singer-songwriter, Jeremih can be added to the list of artists to rise to fame from the streets of Chicago. This R&B sensation emerged on the scene only two short years ago, but has received rave reviews and recognition from fans and peers alike. The singer recently took time away from his busy schedule to give Singersroom an exclusive interview on love, intimacy, and his steps to making sultry bedroom tracks like “Birthday Sex” and “I Like.”

Singersroom: Where do you draw your inspiration from to write your songs?

Jeremih: I draw my inspiration out from life. Either me living it or hearing it from close ones or peers or my friends. I feel like when I go into the studio everyday it’s a different mindset that I have and a different feeling that I feel. Usually when I go into in the studio that day, that’s just when it comes out.

Singersroom: Do you live out your fantasies in your music?

Jeremih: Yea! I live out my fantasies in my music, of course! I would hope many artists do. Some people just write about their dreams. They live out a dream when it comes to writing and you hope to one day live those dreams. Not necessarily saying all of my music that I write right now were all personal experiences of mine. But like I’ve said a lot music I’ve written I began to appreciate later on, and being given the opportunity to hear it while living them out.

Singersroom: You make songs that are sensual and intimate without being vulgar or hyper-sexual. How do make sure you don’t cross that line?

Jeremih: I make sure the beat is intimate enough so I don’t make that mistake. Usually one word can throw a line off when it comes to writing. That’s why I feel every line is important. I try to make every line as important to me as the first one. I just feel like a lot of people write a lot of what I like to call “R&B bedroom sex songs” and it sounds kind of raunchy and when you have that it starts to sound corny. So I try to stay away from it if I hear it and it doesn’t roll off my tongue right while saying the words and writing it to the track. That’s pretty much my process to make sure I don’t make that mistake.

Singersroom: What are your tips on making bedroom music and have you used your own songs in the bedroom?

Jeremih: Of course! But I go into the studio knowing I have a very sensual and intimate type of track that is very hypnotic like “Birthday Sex,” “I Like,” or “Waiter.” Usually when I write, after I’m done coming up with the track and knowing how I want to come at the track as far as its delivery, I envision how I would want women to dance to it pretty much. It gives me lyrical descriptions of what I’m envisioning.

Singersroom: What are your top five “between the sheets” artists you put on to get that special woman in the mood?

Jeremih: R. Kelly definitely – that whole “12 Play.” But I would put in a little D’angelo, R. Kelly, myself I’d have to say, The-Dream and Erykah Badu.

Singersroom: So to switch gears, In your experience do you feel relationships with other celebrities or non-celebrities work best?

Jeremih: Personally, a non-celebrity but definitively someone who has something going on, has goals, and being productive with their life so I can get a half way point met. Not saying I wouldn’t ever be with a celeb because there are a lot of beautiful ones, but I can never control my destiny. If it comes around I’m not saying I wouldn’t be opposed to it because I’ve never been in a situation like that but hey, I just go with the flow. But I would probably tell you right now that I’d be with the girl next door.

Singersroom: If you were to write a love letter, what would be opening sentence?

Jeremih: Love is one soul – living in two bodies.

Singersroom: Words can heal or hurt any situation when it comes to love. What words do you use besides “I love you” to describe the way your feel about that special someone or to mend a situation?

Jeremih: There are so many words you can use other than “I love you.” I would say, “Life would be incomplete without you.” —— By: Interview By Aleta Watson


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