Jennifer Hudson Says Wedding Details Are Set, Fiance Compliments Her

R&B singer Jennifer Hudson recently shared details about her upcoming nuptials to VH1 reality show actor and the father of her 17-month old son David Otunga (Punk), while gracing the red carpet at the GEM Awards. The Grammy winner tells OK! Magazine that the rings are in place, she designed her own dress and more.

“Everything is already set. We already have our wedding bands and everything made, and Neil Lane made them,” Hudson tells OK! Magazine, adding, “I designed my dress myself. I did. It has its own show. It is a show, so it has to have its own moment with special lighting and everything, and theme music. Oh, I am so serious. It’s white. That’s the color, in keeping with tradition.

And tradition Hudson it sticking by except for one small but life changing detail. But the Oscar winner is pushing on; experiencing all the emotions that women go through.

“Baby came first, but hey,” she says. “Oh my God, planning is so hard, and then the bride has to make all the decisions, and that’s a lot of pressure. It’s like ‘I don’t know what I want!’ One minute I wanted this huge, grand wedding, and now I’m like ‘I don’t know that I want it so big. I have to make up my mind again. We’ll have to wait and see, but I know I’ll be wearing Neil Lane.”

As far as what her two favorite men will be wearing, she says “David, Jr. will look just like his father in his tux. So cute. I’ll have both my Davids. Maybe he’ll walk Mommy down the aisle. That would be so cute!”

For the folks who had doubts about Hudson’s marriage to Punk, she states why he is the perfect man for her.

“We’re two big, giant kids, and we have the best time together. We call it our Punk and Punky adventures. [laughs] That’s how we are,” she tells OK! “I think we complement each other well. He’s a genius, he’s super smart, and I think he’s the perfect man for me.”


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