Que Mosley: Freedom To Be Me

R&B singer Que Mosley, a former member of the hit group Day26, is stepping into 2011 with a mission for solo success. Laying the ground work, Que recently dropped a new mixtape, entitled ‘Guitar Her,’ he is currently working on an unplugged EP and he plans to take on a small tour. Check out our sit down with Que.

Singersroom: I love the title of the mixtape ‘Guitar Her’. Why did you choose that title and what does it mean to you?

Que: Basically I’m learning how to play the guitar. So I thought ‘Guitar Her’ would be a great idea. When I was learning how to play, my cousin told me the guitar is a woman’s body. So her body is my instrument, that was the concept.

Singersroom: Are there any artists you had the chance to collaborate with on the mixtape? If not are there any artists you look forward to working with in the future?

Que: I didn’t get a chance to collab with a lot of artists. I worked with Lil Mo on the last mixtape. But I want to work with Beyonce, Brandy, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z. I want to work with a lot of people. I’m a big fan of Kanye – I’m a big fan of hip-hop so I just want it to make sense.

Singersroom: Do you think your style would better fit with a hip-hop/R&B collaboration or yourself and another R&B artist?

Que: I don’t know because think I bring soul to the game. I think I’m a soul artist. I do R&B music but I think I capture soul music more. [Soul] is more heartfelt – So I only gave those names because those are people that speak the ‘real’ to me. Those people, when they perform they leave the stage and everybody is like “whoa.”

Singersroom: How active were you allowed to be in writing the different songs on the mixtape?

Que: We were all a part of the process, me and my crew. I worked with some people in Rochester and a couple local artists. But it was pretty much we all worked together – it was a joint effort. So it wasn’t just me writing the mixtape. I wanted to help my friends.

Singersroom: Why is now the perfect time for this release?

Que: The last mixtape wasn’t really me. I wasn’t really a part of the process, the songs I wanted released weren’t released out. But I just got out of my contract with Atlantic Records so it made sense to put out some new stuff that was just Que – that was my vision and stuff that I wanted.

Singersroom: What do you hope fans will take away from this mixtape?

Que: I just want them to appreciate the music. It’s not about me…I just want them to appreciate the music.

Singersroom: Let’s talk about “Medicine” – why did you choose this song to be the first single leaked from the mixtape?

Que: It was the perfect holiday – it was around Christmas time. The lyrics made sense, so we released it. The fans all loved ‘Medicine’ when we played it before and it was a fan favorite so it just made sense.

Singersroom: What do you think fans and critics may have seen on the show ‘Making the Band’ that is not a fair representation of who you are?

Que: You know what’s crazy? The show made me look crazy. I started believing it and thinking “Yo am I crazy?” Because when everyone is looking at you like you’re crazy, you start believing it when you’re alone. So I think the show made me feel like I was crazy. But it feels good now –feels like I’m coming back to life, because of all the support and everybody supporting me and letting me know it’s going to be alright. It feels good. I think a lot of people that go on TV who come back from the experience, try to go back to regular life and people don’t understand because they didn’t go on TV. You can’t possibly understand what was going through my mind because you didn’t experience what I experienced.

Singersroom: In your opinion, how does being a solo artist differ from being a part of a group? Which do you prefer?

Que: I prefer being a solo artist because everything is running smoothly. I don’t have to think about a lot of things, I’m not stressing out anymore, and worrying about anything. Not saying that it wasn’t a good thing being in a group with Day26 because I respect all those brothers but I’m just at a place now where I’m really happy.

Singersroom: Fans want to know, besides the mixtape what’s next for you? What upcoming projects can we look forward to?

Que: Basically we’re doing the EPs, Unplugged appearances – we’re trying to put that together and make a small tour for the ladies. You should expect that in the near future. But right now we’re taking everything slow because we just released the mixtape and ‘Medicine’ was the buzz single. So we’re just going slow and letting God be the frontline and letting everything that’s suppose to fall in place, fall in place and not worrying about it or thinking about it.

Singersroom: What is something most people don’t know about Que?

Que: Well I am an uncle now, that’s something new! My nephew was born December 19th.

Singersroom: Congrats! What are your New Year’s plans?

Que: I’m going to be with my family just chilling and making music. I’m actually in the studio making music right now. I’m not worried about the next year and what’s going to happen. I’m just taking it all as a positive and going into the New Year fresh – a new beginning.

Download Que Mosley’s new mixtape ‘Guitar Her’ Here.
—— By: Interview By Aleta Watson


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