El DeBarge: Redemption

R&B veteran El DeBarge has been fighting with his demons for mostly all his life. Since being released from prison, he has focused on his faith and devoted himself to rebuilding on his “Second Chance.” With his fourth solo album in stores now, El discussed with Singersroom what this second chance means to him and what’s new for El DeBarge.

Connecting With Fans on a New Album After 165 Years… Yes, I do because the people want to feel good. When it comes to music, people want to feel good music. I know that I feel good about the music I am doing. I know that what comes from my heart has always reach peoples heart. I am still coming from a genuine standpoint of just who I am and what people have liked and loved about the DeBarge sound. I haven’t changed it a bit; it’s still the same. It’s full of harmonies, it’s soulful, it’s joyful; music you can make love to, the whole 9.

The Pressure… I want to show everybody that I’m grateful, because I am. That’s why I put the song “Second Chance” out there to the atmosphere before I put any other single out. I have a single out right now called “Lay With You,” it’s a duet with Faith Evans and myself. I wanted to announce my pray and thankfulness to God before the whole world. That’s how I feel about what’s going on in my life today, I’m so grateful.

Embracing The Changes In Music… It’s all good to me. The musical climate feels the same to me. I can appreciate what’s going on out there. I have a space in the musical climate and filling my space. I am doing what I am supposed to do.

Performing at the 2010 BET Awards… I was nervous; I really wanted to do a good job. When I turned around in that stool to sing, I was just hopeful and thankful. I said I hope they like me and then I heard the screams and joy and the love that was being generated in the audience. I just used that as my strength. I was so grateful that people were still feeling me after all these years.

His Triumph… The fact of my whole “Second Chance” is a living testament to Gods grace, his mercy and his love. It’s the triumph of the human spirit that I am even back today to even to do this because I had a battle with drugs. I would say this to the people, get my album and experience this “Second Chance” and it will give you the strength that God has given me.

Next for El DeBarge as an artist… What am I going to do is get into some movies and bring some of my music to the movie screen. I am going to do some acting. I got a movie that that’s coming in 2011, it’s called “Jumping The Broom” where I play myself. That is going to be my initiation into acting.
—— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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